THE Irish Jockeys’ Trust was founded on November 21st, 1975 and is a registered charity. Applications are considered for support from professionally licensed jockeys, apprentice jockeys and retired licensed jockeys (and/or their families), where there is financial distress that has resulted from one of the following: injury, incapacity or age.

The Trust also employs an industry-specific career coach who can guide and support licensed jockeys and retired licensed jockeys when seeking to return to education or up-skilling. Alongside this, jockeys can also apply for an educational grant towards courses.

The career of a jockey is short-lived and high-risk. Many who enter the industry do so out of love and passion for the thoroughbred. When the time comes to hang up their boots the Trust recognises that many jockeys have put their education on hold to focus on their career. Our career coach is available to assist, coach and support jockeys through this transition and help them find their way back to education so they may re-enter the industry in a different capacity or find a new career outside of the industry.

Return to education

The Trust has helped more than 100 jockeys return to education across a variety of industries such as forestry, law and business, alongside many different apprenticeships.

However, many wish to up-skill and remain a part of Irish horseracing. In 2022 the Trust conducted a survey among jockeys and the findings showed that out of 67 respondents, only 32% had completed the Leaving Cert. The survey also showed that at the stage of retirement, 74% of riders wished to stay working in the industry.

When returning to education, this information has been vital for sourcing the right kind of courses for jockeys to transition to successful new careers within the industry. The Trust does not charge for career coaching and confidentiality is guaranteed.

I can be contacted at any time via email if anyone wishes to avail of this service. My email address is and more information can be found at or by emailing