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Horse Care
Your expert guide to summer soil and fertiliser for horses
Helen Sharp
Horse Sense invited soil and plant nutrition specialist Mark Plunkett and equine specialist Wendy Conlon from Teagasc, to put together a useful guide to nutrient management for horse owners
13 May 2022 Training methods
The performance mindset
As competition season ramps up Horse Sense invited performance coach Heather Graham to share some tips and tricks for a focused mind
13 May 2022 Breeding management
How do you best prepare a foal for auction?
Successful breeder and Flanders Foal Auction organiser Gerald Lenaerts shares his advice on best preparing a foal for auction
Open day at Irish School of Farriery
All are welcome to attend the Kildare town premises on Tuesday, May 24th, from 3pm to 5pm
13 May 2022 Careers & education
The parasite problem
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD takes a look at the pesky problem of insect parasites and how we might manage them
6 May 2022 Veterinary
Advertorial: Help your driveway recover from winter wear and tear
Engineering experts at Mark Cadam Ltd have advice for horse owners considering surfacing or renewing the existing surface of laneways after a long winter
6 May 2022 Farm management
Temperature monitoring for disease prevention
EquiTrace with BioThermo microchips fighting disease together
6 May 2022 Veterinary
Weed control options for horse paddocks
Herbicide expert Chris Maughan outlines advice for horse owners when spraying their paddocks (advertorial)
3 May 2022 Farm management
The spring clean checklist you didn't know you needed until now
Spring cleaning the yard can be a daunting task so Horse Sense has put togther the definitive checklist to keep track as you overhaul your stables this season
30 April 2022 Farm management
Strangles Awarness Week
Biosecurity and temperature checks are two of the ways to help prevent the spread of Strangles. Strangles Awareness Week are helping to raise awareness of the potentially fatal respiratory disease
29 April 2022 Stable management
The role of disinfectant in the yard
Professor Tom Buckley of Active Scientific has advice on the use of disinfectant on equine premises
29 April 2022 Farm management
Apply Envy now for weed free paddocks
Spraying weed-infested paddocks with Envy over the coming weeks will pay handsomely
29 April 2022 Farm management