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Horse Care
HORSE SENSE: The small things can be the big things
Irish Field Contributor
In a two-part special, musculoskeletal therapist Laura Stephenson discusses biomechanics and performance
23 September 2022 Veterinary
HORSE SENSE: Mastitis and mares
Dr Karen Dunne takes a closer look at possible problems with mares and their udders
23 September 2022 Nutrition
HORSE SENSE: A pinch of salt
A reminder of the importance of salt to your horse's diet and how much he needs
Sales preparation is everything
The ITBA and TBA have partnered to share helpful guidelines for the preparation of thoroughbred breeding and youngstock at public auction, sale entry and for the demonstration of high health status
16 September 2022 Breeding management
Horses taking to the streets
The Pass Wide and Slow Driver Awareness Campaign appeals to motorists to be considerate and patient when encountering horse riders and driven horses on our roads.
16 September 2022 Miscellaneous
Bad breathers – what role for tongue-ties?
If racehorses can’t breathe properly, how can we possibly expect them to run and jump at speed? Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD explores the issue
16 September 2022 Veterinary
Farmer and hunt in harmony
The relationship between the hunt and local farmers can be generations in the making and if both work together it can be a lasting accord
12 September 2022 Farm management
The hoof of the hunt
Readying your hunter's hooves for the season ahead with Master Farrier Andrew Mahon
9 September 2022 Hoofcare
Owning the line
Huntsman with the East Antrim Harriers Robbie Hodge talks about about the foxhounds and their training
9 September 2022 Training methods
Physiotherapy for hunters
Veterinary physiotherapist Leah Kent gives her top tips on preparing and maintaining your hunter for the season ahead
9 September 2022 Training methods
The art of being safe
Often it's a mere split second manoeuvre that dictates coming off or soaring over an obstacle. Horse Sense takes a look at safety on the hunting field
9 September 2022 Miscellaneous
Who is going to advise the 79% of breeders who are unaware of TAMS?
Patrick Hester unwraps some questions about the TAMS II/On Farm Capital Investment Scheme 2023-27 and unearths some further limitations for the equine sector
2 September 2022 Farm management