Standing Equine MRI: a proven game-changer

MRI has long been the imaging method of choice in human medicine, making it the gold standard for diagnosing pathology.

Hallmarq’s unique Standing Equine MRI system (sMRI) brings the same diagnostic capability to equine clinical practice, with the safety of the horse at the forefront of every design decision.

The outcome of a conventional lameness workup is often a horse that blocks to a certain region but has no visible changes on X-ray or ultrasound.

Response to treatment may be the only way to confirm or refute a potential diagnosis, and the horse may have to repeatedly return to the clinic for further examination and treatment trial. This pathway costs both time and money while the horse may lose condition and the injury worsen in the meantime.

By harmlessly visualising slices through tissue, sMRI can quickly and precisely locate damage to both bone and soft tissues without the need for risky general anaesthesia.

Knowing what the precise problem is early on means that an effective treatment plan can be instigated as soon as possible which is better for the horse, better for you and better for your bank balance.

Cut through the trial and error inherent in repeat lameness workups and get a definitive answer.

Hallmarq’s standing MRI is available in Ireland at Troytown GreyAbbey Equine Veterinary Services in Kildare and now also at Fethard Equine Hospital in Tipperary.

Ask your vet if MRI would help.