Horse Care
What are the most common findings in prepurchase exams?
Helen Sharp
A new study from the Royal Veterinary College has identified the most common findings in prepurchase examinations of horses
23 February 2024 Veterinary
Screening for chips – are they of clinical relevance?
Horse Sense asked Joe Collins to tackle the topic of chips in pre-purchase examinations
23 December 2023 Veterinary
Don't forget the little donkeys this Christmas
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD offers a reminder that donkeys are not ‘just’ small horses with big ears!
What makes a suitable horse and rider combination?
Experts launch survey to help determine the suitable horse-rider combination and you can help!
15 December 2023 Veterinary
New muscle wastage scoring guide
Researchers develop a new equine muscle wastage scoring system
15 December 2023 Stable management
Progress in treatment of tendon and ligament injuries
The Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) is sharing 13 free articles on tendon and ligament injury
15 December 2023 Veterinary
IEVA Conference achieves key objectives
The inaugural three-day event was well-attended and plans are already in place for 2024
8 December 2023 Veterinary
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Happy retirement to immense contributor
Hugh Dillon pays tribute to retiring veterinary pathologist Dr Ursula Fogarty
8 December 2023 Veterinary
Lean animals can also be at high risk of laminitis
New research indicates obesity may not be a reliable indicator of poor metabolic health and associated laminitis risk
1 December 2023 Veterinary
Impaction Colic
KR Veterinary Services are on hand with monthly seasonal advice for the horse owner
1 December 2023 Veterinary
IEVA CONFERENCE: Bringing equine vets together to share experiences
The programme of events for the upcoming three-day Irish Equine Veterinary Conference has been published
12 November 2023 Veterinary
When the weather outside is frightful
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD gives guidance on best practice for keeping your horses well this winter
10 November 2023 Veterinary