I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Dr Ursula Fogarty on her retirement as the veterinary pathologist at the Irish Equine Centre (IEC).

Ursula joined Dr Brendan Farrelly as assistant pathologist in 1987 and became Head of Pathology at IEC in 1990, where her contribution to breeders, trainers, owners and to equine research has been immense. Her studies into equine lung disease and the development of Broncho-Alveolar lavage (lung wash) were world-leading, along with investigations into uterine and placental infertility problems in mares.

Always working diligently and quietly behind the scenes, Ursula was rarely in the limelight, but her towering investigative intellect and integrity have been recognised by everyone who she has helped.

It does not matter what time of day or night, weekend or bank holiday, I know I will get Ursula on the phone, most likely in her laboratory, to advise me.

It is so reassuring as a vet in the front-line to know someone of Ursula’s calibre is behind you for support. She always gives her own time selflessly and is never the one to end a conversation, even if it is way past bedtime.

Dr Fogarty is one of the unsung heroes of the equine community, modest and quietly spoken, but certainly when she talks you always listen intently and learn. I really appreciate her ability to think outside the box and view problems from multiple angles to come to a reasoned conclusion.

She shows no fear or favour to anything except the wellbeing of horses and has always used the information gained from her examinations to this end.

I am sad to see her go and wish her well in her new endeavours.

Yours etc,

Hugh Dillon


Troytown Hospital,

Kildare Town,

Co Kildare