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Horse Care
Colic and what you should know
Irish Field Contributor
With the recent high profile case of Constitution Hill, Horse Sense turns its focus back to colic and what to do if you suspect your horse is colicking
18 March 2024 Veterinary
Study proves inbreeding contributes to pregnancy loss in thoroughbreds
New Royal Veterinary College research finds inbreeding is contributing factor to mid and late-term pregnancy loss in thoroughbreds
15 March 2024 Veterinary
Drug regulation and reputational risk
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD tackles the subject of drug regulation and detection and the veterinary role within it
NIVA puts welfare at the heart of the industry
The North of Ireland Veterinary Association (NIVA) hosted over a hundred vets at industry stakeholders at their recent Equine Welfare Symposium, Helen Sharp reports
8 March 2024 Veterinary
Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome – The Importance of Gastroscopy
The vets at KR Equine Veterinary Services Ltd are on hand with their seasonal advice for horse owners, this month it's gastic ulcers
8 March 2024 Veterinary
What are the most common findings in prepurchase exams?
A new study from the Royal Veterinary College has identified the most common findings in prepurchase examinations of horses
23 February 2024 Veterinary
Screening for chips – are they of clinical relevance?
Horse Sense asked Joe Collins to tackle the topic of chips in pre-purchase examinations
23 February 2024 Veterinary
Weaning a lone foal
Vet Karen Dunne walks us through the recommended protocol if you only have one foal to wean this year
9 February 2024 Veterinary
NEWS: EVA warning for breeders due to vaccine absence
Individual stallion farms have taken different views on the degree of protection from EVA that they require in relation to the timing of EVA samples
26 January 2024 Bloodstock news
Choke - an acute emergency?
KR Veterinary Services' Christopher Akkari BVM BVS MRCVS shares advice following a recent call out to a mistaken case of 'choke'
5 January 2024 Veterinary
Don't forget the little donkeys this Christmas
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD offers a reminder that donkeys are not ‘just’ small horses with big ears!
23 December 2023 Veterinary
What makes a suitable horse and rider combination?
Experts launch survey to help determine the suitable horse-rider combination and you can help!
15 December 2023 Veterinary