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Horse Care
Aftercare in action: Al Boum Photo
Irish Field Contributor
Horse Racing Ireland equine welfare and bloodstock director John Osborne highlights the upcoming WINR/Treo Eile Spring Showcase and introduces the speakers for the inaugural HRI Welfare Symposium
12 April 2024 Breeding management
HORSE SENSE: Feeding the breeding stallion
Head of nutritional advice at Gain Joanne Hurley talks through the importance of feeding breeding stallions for optimal health
12 April 2024 Stable management
HORSE SENSE: The hair necessities
One of the surest signs spring is just around corner is horsehair and lots of it, Horse Sense goes grooming
Colic and what you should know
With the recent high profile case of Constitution Hill, Horse Sense turns its focus back to colic and what to do if you suspect your horse is colicking
5 April 2024 Veterinary
Travelling your champions
Ahead of the Easter racing action, Horse Sense gets some advice from the top of how to safely travel your precious cargo
29 March 2024 Stable management
Providing the very best for breeding
Labstock supply an extensive range of products for equine reproduction and specialise in artificial insemination and embryo transfer
29 March 2024 Breeding management
Leading lights
Teagasc share the Young (Equine) Breeders National Championships results
29 March 2024 Careers & education
Fully funded equine apprenticeships in Northern Ireland
Fully funded opportunity for people working at least 21 hours a week in a horse yard based in Northern Ireland
29 March 2024 Careers & education
Farming focus 75% of TAMS tranche 1 applications approved
Martin Merrick discovers the number of applications have been approved in the Animal Welfare Nutrient Storage Scheme which includes the equine-related grant requests
22 March 2024 Farm management
Thinking inside the box
It's tough on horses and owners when box rest is prescribed, Horse Sense have 7 helpful tips on how to keep your horse happy
22 March 2024 Stable management
Equine Science in focus at Enniskillen Campus
CAFRE share the science behind the horses at their recent Equine Science Day
22 March 2024 Careers & education
Inside the mind of the horse How your horse or pony learns
Founder and principle at The Animal Behaviour Clinic, vet and behaviourist Orla Doherty Dip ES MVB MSc PhD MRCVS begins a new series for Horse Sense
22 March 2024 Training methods