WELL done to Ireland’s farrier team on their recent success at the the International Team Horseshoeing Championships in Warwickshire. It was Ireland’s first win in the 41-year history of the competition.

Team manager Alwyn McKeown told us that there were 10 teams participating and the competition involved two days of shoeing and shoemaking.

Irish team members Will O’Shaughnessy, Rodney Ross and Paul Robinson all won individual awards in different sections, leading to Ireland’s ultimate success.

Alwyn reported: “The competition is the pinnacle of the competitive farrier’s calendar, therefore winning the Championships is a momentous accolade. Many Irish teams have spent many years striving and narrowly missing out on the top prize. This year everything clicked and the team’s hard work, dedication, passion and commitment were deservedly rewarded.” Team member Edward O’Shaughnessy said: “I am so delighted and proud of the team. I have been trying to win this for around 17 years, and it’s been longer for some of the other team members.”