Horse Care
Advertorial Hoofcare from the inside
Helen Sharp
The horse's hoof is a complex structure, tough and vulnerable in equal parts, the experts at TRM have developed a product to help support your horse from the ground up
10 March 2023 Hoofcare
The impact of farriery interventions on galloping racehorses
A new Royal Veterinary College study reveals the impact of farriery interventions on galloping racehorses’ hoof biomechanics
18 November 2022 Racing columns
PARROT MOUTH: Irish farriers on top of the world
News of a historic Irish win at the International Team Horseshoeing Championships
The hoof of the hunt
Readying your hunter's hooves for the season ahead with Master Farrier Andrew Mahon
9 September 2022 Hoofcare
Foal feet and how to survive them
Farrier Ramon Koppendraaier has a lot of experience in trimming and correction of hooves, from foals to sport horses. He answers six questions on the dos and don’ts of foal feet
1 July 2022 Hoofcare
Open day at Irish School of Farriery
All are welcome to attend the Kildare town premises on Tuesday, May 24th, from 3pm to 5pm