BACTERIOSOL offers the ideal solution to one of our main land management tasks – increasing soil fertility. Bacteriosol is an eco-fertiliser composed of vegetal and mineral matter along with a variety of natural composted plants which is capable of rapidly producing humus.

Put simply, Bacteriosol helps the soil to structure and naturally recharge its fertile potential by producing humus.

Bacteriosol acts quickly by producing and transforming organic matter, capturing elements in the air (nitrogen, CO2) and reorganising the organic and mineral matter of the soil, to create and increase humus in the soil and restore its natural fertility.

Using Bactériosol avoids the need for any additional supply of fertilisers, trace elements and amendments because nutrients, which are fixed into the soil under a humic form, as they are with Bacterosol, remain available to feed the plants when needed.

Bacteriosol is effective on all types of soils (both acidic and basic) and because it is non-chemical it is safe for animals, including horses, to graze the land directly after an application.

For further information on Sobac products, Bactriosol and Bacteriolit, contact Tom Stapleton.

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Kim McCall: “Since I started using Bacteriosol I have seen higher biological soil fertility which ultimately improved the quality of my pastures and therefore the health of the animals."

James Kelly: “Bacteriosol and foal creep feeders were my two best buys from a management perspective."

George Coyle: “Dry matter content is higher in hay cut from a field where I have spread Bacteriosol, and my customers want that hay."

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Click here to read more about SOBAC