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SPRING CLEANING: Healthy soil, healthy animal - ideal time to spread bacteriosol
Irish Field Contributor
SOBAC is a French company based in the south of France specialising in organic soil amendments
SPRING CLEANING 2019: ADVERTORIAL: Gain the advantage with Bacteriosol
SOBAC is a French company who specialise in organic soil amendments, they can be purchased in Ireland through P & T Stapleton Limited
19 April 2019 Farm management
GRASSLAND MANAGEMENT 2019: If your fields could talk, what would they say?
SOBAC is a French company based in the southern France specialising in organic soil amendments.
VIDEO: The French fertiliser earning rave reviews
Bacteriosol is a French product well suited for fertilising horse paddocks
18 May 2018 Horse management
ADVERTORIAL: Want lush lawns and pastures? Look no further than Bacteriosol
Bacteriosol is an eco-fertiliser which helps the soil to structure and naturally recharge its fertile potential
19 May 2017 Farm management
HORSE SENSE: A natural alternative to chemical fertilisers
Beef farmer and horse breeder Kim McCall, James Kelly of Linacre House Stud and hay producer George Coyle are all using a non-chemical fertiliser on their land. Here's what they had to say about it
21 April 2017 Farm management