HORSE owners must be careful when spreading fertiliser on their lands.

Grazing management includes fertiliser applications to maintain and improve sward quality and to provide a steady supply of grass throughout the season.

Teagasc advises that a balanced plant nutrient supply is very important during the growing season. It’s especially important for productive grass swards that soil reserves can supply sufficient nutrients to meet the peak demands at particular stages during the growing season.

Horse owners should select suitable fertilisers to supply the correct nutrient balance.

Tom Stapleton of P & T Stapleton Limited in Johnstown, Co Kildare, reports that their clients are enjoying great success with French eco-fertiliser Bacteriosol, made by Sobac.

Bacteriosol is composed of vegetal and mineral matter along with a variety of natural composted plants which is capable of rapidly producing soil rich in organic matter.

It helps the soil to structure and naturally recharge its fertile potential by producing humus, which is soil that contains many useful nutrients and minerals.

Bacteriosol acts quickly by producing and transforming organic matter, capturing elements in the air (nitrogen and carbon dioxide) and reorganising the organic and mineral matter of the soil.

Using Bactériosol avoids the need for any additional supply of fertilisers, trace elements and amendments because nutrients, which are fixed into the soil under a humic form, as they are with Bacteriosol, remain available to feed the plants when needed.

Bacteriosol is effective on all types of soils (both acidic and basic) and, because it is non-chemical, it is safe for animals, including horses, to graze the land directly after an application.

As well as unlocking the soil, Bacteriosol prevents compaction and aerates the soil. It improves drainage and root development. Land treated with Bacteriosol shows better soil structure and fertility, leading to better animal health and output

“We have many stud farms in Ireland and the UK using Sobac,” he reported. “When you use Bactériosol the exchange between the soil and root systems increase. Sobac also helps to balance the soil PH and brings the biology back into the soil that we have reduced due to compaction.”

P & T Stapleton Limited distribute Sobac in Ireland and the UK. Call 087 232 8051