Joanne Sloan-Allen

What would you like Santa to leave under the tree for you this year?

A machine to knock a few years off the horses’ ages (humans too actually would be an added bonus!). The thought of a few more years watching Zorro competing would be priceless now she is seventeen.

Do you buy Zorro a Christmas present?

Every day is Christmas for Zorro! She is the yard favourite and the best at begging for treats even though she is on a permanent diet.

What’s the best Christmas present you have ever received?

I love every gift I receive that has had obvious thought put into it. We try as a family to find things for each other that really mean something to that person. So whether it’s someone getting me gloves because they know I get cold hands, or a picture I like, all these presents are the best because of the meaning behind them…soppy but true!

What’s the worst?!

Horrendous bright orange hat and scarf set which as you can imagine, clashed really badly with my hair! For once words failed even me!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

My New Year’s resolution is to keep getting fitter and stronger and to be back in the ring in Spain in January for the first time since August after my back surgery. And make even more clients happy with horses produced and bred at Sycamore!

What is the first sign of Christmas for you? A song? A film? A show?

First sign of Christmas for me is usually the indoor World Cup shows: this year it’s here in Prague. After that our season is pretty much finished, so I will start to get into full Christmas mode then! I’m big into Christmas and always cook at least one family Christmas dinner. I try to make it as fun as possible for everyone because the rest of the year is always so busy for us, it’s the one time we all get to relax and be together.

What is your Christmas wish?

My Christmas wish is no more lockdowns and a full season with no dramas in 2022!