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Horse Care
Up for discussion - end of life
Irish Field Contributor
Licensed racehorse trainer and writer Debbie Ewing confronts the realities of how our racing and sports horses should die
7 July 2024 Miscellaneous
Memorable moments from the sales rostrum
After 39 years in the business, Goffs auctioneer Henry Beeby shares his most memorable moment with Helen Sharp
5 July 2024 Racing News
Should I install solar panels on my equestrian premises?
Fill in our short survey on solar energy and you could win one of three branded backpacks from The Irish Field
Make your own luck
When it comes to making good sales videos Horse Sense has a few tips if you choose to do it yourself
5 July 2024 Miscellaneous
British breeders incentivised to use Irish stallions
The ITBA and the Department of Agriculture have welcomed the removal of the Temporary Admission bond
30 June 2024 Racing News
'Should we have known what was happening next door?'
A senior Department of Agriculture official says his colleagues had no reason to inspect the shed at Shannonside Foods Ltd where "horrific" footage was filmed
23 June 2024 Racing News
Letter to the Editor: Racehorses should not end up in a slaughterhouse
Debby Ewing calls on the racing authorities to issue a definitive statement on what is considered an acceptable end of life scenario for thoroughbreds
21 June 2024 Racing News
The art of Zen and other Jack Russells
Jack Russell breeder James McConnell tells Helen Sharp about what makes the perfect specimen and shares the history behind the familiar faces that grace so many of our horse yards
21 June 2024 Miscellaneous
Dogs and the law
Horse Sense takes a closer look at responsible dog ownership and Government recommendations
21 June 2024 Miscellaneous
McConalogue announces ban on electronic shock collars on dogs and cats
Charlie McConalogue T.D, has announced move to ban the use on dogs and cats of electronic shock collars operated by hand-held remote controls
21 June 2024 Miscellaneous
Dog feature
Five pages in celebration of your four-legged friends
21 June 2024 Miscellaneous
Perfect pooch gallery
With over 150 dog photos received this year's competition was almost impossible to judge.
21 June 2024 Miscellaneous