Features and advice on finance, technology, behaviour, legal issues etc. which may affect the management of horses.

TAX TIPS: There are plenty of ways to reduce your tax liability
Irish Field Contributor
Knowing the options available, and some planning, can lead to significant savings, write Marty Murphy and Stephen Finn
16 February 2024 Bloodstock news
TAX TIPS: When to become a company and when to stay as a sole trader
The advantages from incorporation are clearest for the most profitable operations, write Marty Murphy and Stephen Finn
12 February 2024 Miscellaneous
HRI AFTERCARE: Meet the one-eyed racehorse with an Instagram account
HRI welfare and bloodstock director John Osborne celebrates the story of retired racehorse, Pat Costello
Are you fit for the road?
Personal trainer Chrissy Hawkins shares some stretches to keep you supple for the saddle after a long journey in the lorry
2 February 2024 Miscellaneous
Helmet campaign: fighting and winning for your safety
Peter Downes of Russellstown Stud in Mullingar has spent decades advocating for improvements in helmet safety and whose campaign has resulted in important changes which will surely save lives
2 February 2024 Miscellaneous
A change is coming: EU transport regulations
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD discusses the EU Commission's agreement to amend the rules related to the transport of animals
26 January 2024 Miscellaneous
Brexit V Jumanji
Ben Skilbeck of Bramhams of Buckingham warns of a major change afoot this week for the Brexit Border Operating Model
26 January 2024 Miscellaneous
One-stop shop for professional repairs and advice
Paul O'Neill offers a friendly, helpful and bespoke service to repair your lorry, box or trailer so it's safe for you and your horse
26 January 2024 Miscellaneous
Over 40 models to choose from with Westwood Trailers
No matter what you need, Westwood Trailers have the range and the customer service to get you on the road
26 January 2024 Miscellaneous
Get your Certificate in Equine Transport with Gill's
Trusted for over 50 years, Gill’s Driving School are there to support you to get the right license and certification for transporting horses
26 January 2024 Miscellaneous
A good rest guaranteed with Eric Gillie Ltd
Eric Gillie Ltd's facility is centrally based in Co Tipperary ensures comfortable rest for horse and ponies in transit
26 January 2024 Miscellaneous
Happy horses travel with Midlands Equine Transport
The team at Midlands Equine Transport will ensure your horse gets where it needs to go in tip top condition
26 January 2024 Miscellaneous