Don’t panic! The pressure is off! We know what your horse-obsessed spouse, friend or sibling really needs under the tree this year!

Ringside Grooming Kit

For the cherry on top, offer to go along to carry it all. Now we’re talking!

  • Hoof polish, always hoof polish! TRM’s Premium Grade hoof oil for a show-ring finish that also keeps hooves moist and supple
  • Baby wipes for instant boot buffs
  • Quick coat polish (Ever wonder how show horses look so shiny?)
  • Peppermints for very good horses, or very naughty horses…
  • Soft brush for the last-minute, dust-free dazzle factor
  • Chocolate, any and lots.
  • Hoof Pick/Bottle Opener

    The 6 o’clock hoof pick. Multi-tasking at its finest.

    Equine massage vouchers and muscle supplement

    Massage isn’t just for the rider’s aches and pains but for the horse’s too. Add a tub of TRM’s Maxi-Top Equine supplement for muscle support aswell!

    Air Pods

    For riders who need to listen to a last-minute meditation (or Avichi) to get their mind right before getting on their horse and heading into the show-ring.

    Riding boots

    Gorgeous, expensive, elegant riding boots never, ever go a miss and if you’re feeling generous, a pair of yard boots to match!

    Fancy waterproofs

    We live in Ireland. Enough said.

    Head collar and lead rope

    Because the universe eats them and a spare one is always appreciated.

    Curragh Carron Oil

    A tried and tested favourite for having horses shining like a pin. Your loved one will thank you for giving their horse digestive support and that gleaming look of vitality and health.