Horse riding has been prominent since as far back as 6000BC, but these days it has evolved further into competitive sports alongside the usual casual riders who simply adore horses and getting out and about with their stud buddy. Despite its traditions, horse riding hasn’t been able to escape a technology-based makeover, though.

There is almost an app for everything these days, and that applies to horse riders too. Whether you’re a competitive rider taking part in weekend competitions or you enjoy riding as a hobby with friends, there is a range of apps that can help you organise your equestrian life and make the most out of any future rides. They’re generally easy to use, they can be housed on the same smartphone devices we all use to create viral TikTok videos or play the 3 Tiny Gods slot game, and they provide a number of worthwhile functionalities. Some apps are better than others, of course, but overall the offering in the equestrian space is impressive due to the input of industry professionals and experts. Below is a look at some of the best of them.

The ideal app for rural rides

A great app to start with is What3words and its innovative offering, which essentially enables riders to know their exact GPS coordinates should they be riding in a remote or rural area where it can be easy to get lost sometimes.

Essentially, the app works by splitting the world into a grid and then assigning every 3mx3m square in that grid with a unique three-word address. From there, it can be easy to communicate your location to fellow riders and even come in handy should an emergency occur. What3words works offline, too.

A great option for event riders

One for the more serious riders among us, more specifically event riders who are keen to learn their dressage tests, the TestPro British Eventing app is made by the same people who brought us the Dressage TestPro app.

Yet another popular product, the TestPro British Eventing app can be used in or out of the saddle, too. There are readings to listen to as you ride along or you can have it drawn out in-front of you if preferred, alongside boasting a range of memory-testing methods which will help you remember everything you need to know before an event. The app houses FEI tests also.

Monitor your horse’s health with ease

It’s obviously vitally important that all horses are looked after and monitored health-wise. To provide a detailed insight into your horse’s health, the Trackener app is a fantastic option. It detects anxiety, heart rate, behaviour, movement, a horse’s location, and a whole lot more.

An app by Daniel Deusser’s groom Sean Lynch

Daniel Deusser is a German equestrian rider with a huge reputation in his field, but not everyone is aware of his groom Sean Lynch and his latest dive into the mobile app space with Grooms Go To.

Using Grooms Go To, you’ll be able to perform a range of worthwhile functionalities, especially if you travel a lot. The app provides stabling and vet clinics located nearby wherever you are in the world, and you can complete all paperwork using it, books ferries and flights, get grooming job vacancies, and a whole lot more.

A solid eventing app

If you’re into eventing, then the CrossCountry app is a must-have product. You can easily track and then record your routes thanks to its GPS capabilities. You can add photos, videos, minute markers, and loads more too. The app even provides virtual course walks and works offline, too.