Horse Care
Screening for chips – are they of clinical relevance?
Helen Sharp
Horse Sense asked Joe Collins to tackle the topic of chips in pre-purchase examinations
9 February 2024 Breeding management
Stages of foaling refresher
Weather you've foaled before or not, it's good to be reminded of the normal timesscale for the three stages of labour
17 November 2023 Miscellaneous
Be an equestrian Icon for 2024!
What does every groom or rider need in their stocking this year? The ultimate backpack that's what
The threat of insufficient equine vets in Ireland
Our equine vets are invaluable not just for emergencies but for breeding, sales and competition. Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD reports on a growing crisis in recruitment and retention of equine vets
7 October 2023 Veterinary
Obesity is a welfare issue
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD comments on the threat of obesity in horses from a veterinary perspective
28 July 2023 Veterinary
Horsemanship. No Cowboy Hat Required! (Unless you really want to!)
Kimberly Dunn of Idyllwild Horsemanship and Mindset Coaching explores the art of horsemanship and how to better understand our horses and ourselves
17 July 2023 Training methods