THE Iconpack provides plenty of organised storage for your equipment. This backpack is very practical with a range of different compartments designed specifically for the rider in mind:

  • Side pocket for a bottle or a spray;
  • Side pocket closed with a snap for metal studs, sugars, elastics, etcetera;
  • Large side pocket with waterproof zip closure for a laptop, a tablet, a passport or the horse’s papers/passports;
  • Elastic straps to maintain a whip;
  • Top pocket for coins, gloves, keys or a credit card;
  • Eyewear pocket;
  • Removable case for a camera or a mobile phone.
  • A front flap in mesh can be unfolded to case the helmet. The Iconpack opens in two parts to give access to two large compartments: a suitcase-type section and a zipped mesh section, designed to store show gear and a pair of shoes.

    The compression-molded back of the backpack ensures comfort. The straps of the Iconpack are adjustable, flexible and comfortable. The chest strap allows to maintain the backpack during riding. The straps have a removable case for camera or mobile phone.

    And if you’re buying the Iconpack as a present, take it from us, add the gift of comfort too - pop some comfy insoles into it, your loved ones will thank you for it after their first show of 2024!