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BREEDERS' 10 - Liam Nicholas: 'The dog days are over'
Susan Finnerty
Liam Nicholas, who owns two of Jessica Burke’s five-star horses: Nikey HH and the home-bred Express Trend, is next to answer Susan Finnerty’s questions
24 February 2023 Farm management
Am I eligible for a TAMS 3 equine grant and how do I apply?
Helen Sharp gets some insight from DAFM into what equine farmers will need to have in place in order to be eligible to apply for grant aid under the TAMS scheme
24 February 2023 Farm management
TAMS GRANT AID: ‘We did this by working together’
In a breakthrough for equine farmers, the opening of the TAMS grant aid scheme with equine inclusion was announced last week
NEWS: HSI extends registration deadline until March 16th
Breeders can register yearlings and older horses at Horse Sport Ireland's 2022 rates until March 16th 2023
24 February 2023 Sport horse news
Veterinary Voice: Thoroughbred stallion welfare
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD considers the physical and mental well-being of the thoroughbred stallion as breeding season kicks off
17 February 2023 Breeding management
Supporting breeders at Oghill House Stud
Helen Sharp gets a chat with Johnny Hyland of Oghill Stud and finds a comprehensive service on offer for the thoroughbred breeder
10 February 2023 Breeding management
Always check the placenta
It's vital for your mare's health that you check the placenta post foaling - Horse Sense has the checklist
10 February 2023 Breeding management
Handling the newborn foal
John Hyland of Oghill House Stud speaks about how formative handling of foals is so important.
10 February 2023 Breeding management
Ready, Set , Foal!
Horse Sense asks some of the best in the business to share their top foaling tips
10 February 2023 Breeding management
Precious cargo - how to travel your mare and foal
Transport professional Ben Skilbeck discusses the safest way to travel mares and foals as the breeding season kicks off
27 January 2023 Breeding management
PONY TALES: Winning team effort
The Adams household is a busy one between art, equestrian coaching, and breeding winners
20 January 2023 Pony Tales
Thoroughbred breeding education at its best
The ITBA encourage breeders to develop a culture of life-long learning for the betterment of themselves and also members of their stud farm team or breeding operation
13 January 2023 Careers & education