SUCCESSFUL breeding requires experience, knowledge, hard work and a bit of luck. Ireland is renowned worldwide for producing top quality racehorses. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business many breeders don’t always get the financial recognition they deserve for the role they play in creating a top-class industry.

To celebrate over 30 years in business, National Hunt breeder and business owner Tadhg O’Leary of Dungar Quality Oats is giving a cash prize to recognise the work that Irish breeders do for the racing industry.

As a gesture to a sector who have been loyal supporters of O’Leary’s Dungar Quality Oats business, this prize will be awarded to one lucky National Hunt breeder of a four or five-year-old mare bred in Ireland.

As a breeder himself, O’Leary understands the challenges Irish NH breeders face and said: “I hope that this prize will help encourage breeders to keep doing what they do and continue to do so into the future”.

No entry is required for the prize, instead a set of the following qualifying criteria will pick a breeder of the top-priced mare of the season sold in either the Tattersalls or Goffs point-to-point sales.

  • Must be a four or five-year-old mare in 2024.
  • Must have been bred in Ireland.
  • Must have run in a maiden point-to-point in Ireland between 01.01.24 and 31.05.24.
  • Have achieved the highest price of the year for a four or five-year-old mare in Tattersalls or Goffs point-to-point sales in Ireland or England, between 01.01.24 and 31.05.24. (Sterling prices will be converted to euros based on the exchange rate on sales day.)
  • Winning breeder

    People who are interested can follow a league table on which is available with the sales results showing the winning breeder and top-priced mare after each sale.

    The winner will be announced at the end of May.