HORSEWARE Ireland, the global market leading producer of branded equestrian and pet products, has produced a Christmas gift for horse lovers with a new festive short film that is proving a hit on social media.

Through It All is set against the rugged beauty of the Claddaghduff peninsula in the wild landscapes of Connemara on the Atlantic west coast of Ireland.

Two captivating stars, Luca, a beautiful Irish cob and Sarah, a young schoolgirl who befriends Luca through an initial act of kindness that is ultimately returned a hundredfold, feature in this story of a chance meeting that grows into an unbreakable bond between horse and rider.

Fiona Collins, marketing manager, Horseware Ireland said: “This campaign and film aims to deepen the connection with our community of riders and continues our ‘through it all’ journey that we so proudly share together. And of course, at the heart of our story is the priceless beauty of what it really means to both give and receive, a timeless and festive tale.”

On cue

Horseware Ireland once again teamed up with the Irish Creative Studio, Bold, to produce this film.

Naomi Quinn, producer, Bold Studios said: “The true art of the story is in the telling, but also, in this case, it’s in the teamwork it takes to produce a film of this kind. To the brand team at Horseware, the actors and actresses, our own production team and crew, and of course, to our beautiful horse, who never missed a cue; we all live the ‘through it all’ journey in our common bond and love of these remarkable animals. We hope you enjoy ‘the telling’.”

The festive new short film is enjoying a great reaction from Horseware’s over 300,000 followers on social media. #ThroughItAll