IF you did not get to the Meath Foxhounds meet at ‘Scut’ Fagans’ Pub in Moynalvey, you missed one of the best hunts of the season. But more of that later!

The pub is a step back in time, had its own soap box race and was shortlisted as one of the ‘Top 18 Irish pubs one should visit before one goes to that great hunting field in the sky’. It is a small structure, probably there since Newgrange Passage Grave, with a galvanised roof. Safe to say, it is so tiny that if one is having a drink and even if you were standing at the back wall, you probably could still reach the counter! In the 1980s, the owner Patsy Fagan, was interviewed by RTE’s Frank Hall during the recession enquiring if, with the high price of drink, would pubs close? ‘Not at all,’ said Patsy, ‘money is not scarce around here in Moynalvey!’