Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) have announced the 2024 National Breeding Services Breeding Schemes are now available to breeders to apply online. All schemes operate on a first come first served basis up to the maximum allocation facilitated by the existing budget allocation.

HSI wrote: “These schemes provide support for all aspects of the sport horse sector with something for all breeders and all studbooks at virtually each stage or age of the horse’s life; from conception to seven to eight years. They also provide opportunities for horse and pony breeders nationwide to add value to their herd, in terms of both breeding, performance and market value. Not only do these schemes play an important role in supporting breeding and production, but also the health and welfare of the national herd, education, and knowledge transfer.”

Summary criteria:

  • Horses/ponies must be studbook registered with a breed recorded to avail of any scheme funding.
  • Schemes emphasise the importance for good breeding decisions, and that is borne in several ways, such as studbook registration and sire criteria.
  • Own performance or damline performance criteria apply to certain schemes.
  • All equines must be registered in the correct ownership for scheme funding.
  • Breeders and producers can also use the production schemes offered to add to damline performance, adding value to the individual mare and her future progeny.
  • Performance is a requirement of participation in some schemes, please note that this is not a full list of eligibility terms. For all schemes and criteria scan the QR code or go to