WHAT a stark contrast in the deaths during the past week of 13-year-old Jack de Bromhead and the 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II.

However, each represents an incalculable loss to their family, friends and to the widest equine and equestrian worlds.

Young Jack’s passing has left us reeling and numb, and his family robbed of a bright talent. The Queen’s death leaves a nation in mourning, and a sport without an iconic figurehead. Elsewhere in this week’s paper, both have tributes paid to them, though in neither case will words and pictures adequately describe what they achieved.

Passion is a word that certainly links Jack and the Queen. Both loved horses, each enjoyed success in varied aspects of the pursuits they undertook, and they relished and looked forward to being with equines.

I was honoured to be among those invited to the Irish National Stud when Queen Elizabeth II visited 11 years ago, and the light in her eyes told us everything we wanted to know.

Jack was less well-known to many of us, but how we all feel that he will remain a part of our lives now and in the future.

The interview he did with Brian Gleeson will forever remind us fondly of him, but his parents Heather and Henry, his sisters Mia and Georgia, grandparents, family and an enormous circle of friends have no need for such a video.

Instead they will have so many memories of a life that was all too brief, and yet lived more fully than some will do in four or five times as many years.

At his Mass of love for an extraordinary life on Wednesday, his parents and grandfather Andrew paid such an inspiring tribute to their son and grandson. Their pride was evident in abundance.

While there are no words of comfort that are adequate at times such as this, I would venture to suggest to Henry and Heather, and all the family, that Jack would be immensely proud of you all. The type of young man he was would lead anyone to believe that he would even have found a way to tell you so.

The fact that Jack ended each night by telling you that he loved you was so moving, and what a treasured memory that is for you.

I hope too that you all can feel the love of your racing and equestrian families at this desperate time. It is at moments such as these that we all need each other the most.