EDITORIAL: Memories made to last
Leo Powell
Leo Powell enjoyed a glorious week of racing at Royal Ascot, and lists some of teh highlights
10 June 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Time to take Pride in Irish racing
Leo Powell issues a call for infleuential voices to speak out in support of inclusivity in racing and the workplace
27 May 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Let's try to embrace positivity
Leo Powell is worried that negativity is overshadowing the good news stories in racing
EDITORIAL: Acknowledging Ireland’s success
Leo Powell welcomes the decison by RTÉ to cover four rounds of Ireland's Nations Cup challenge
13 May 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: The thin end of the wedge
Leo Powell is worried about the decision to drop equestrianism from the modern pentathlon, and wonders could it impact other sports involving horses
6 May 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: All hail King Mullins
Leo Powell salutes the achievements of Willie Mullins as he lands a 16th trainers' title
29 April 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: There is always room for improvements to be made
Leo Powell on the topics of the week, including the publication of the review of the IHRB's Equine Anti-Doping Programme
22 April 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: France Galop moves to entice more owners
Leo Powell paid a visit to France where France Galop is aiming to attract more international owners
15 April 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Industry playing its part to support Ukrainian families
Leo Powell enjoyed the start to the 2022 flat season on the turf, and also heard of John and Sur Magnier's humanitarian efforts
1 April 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Take nothing for granted, especially our sponsors
Leo Powell calls on everyone to give due recognition and acknowledgement to sponsors
25 March 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Much to celebrate as Ireland takes the honours
Leo Powell on the success of the Irish at Cheltenham, and with a special request to help the less fortunate
18 March 2022 Editorial
EDITORIAL: Handicapping chestnut raises its head again
Leo Powell wonders why there is not parity when it comes to handicapping
4 March 2022 Editorial