WHAT are the origins of the Holsteiner horse? Interestingly, it was monks from the Uetersen monastery in the Schleswig-Holstein region who first began breeding and recording details of the native horses some 750 years ago. The heavy clay soil of northern Germany required a special type of horse and in common with the history of modern horse breeding, the role of horses changed from agriculture and military purposes to sport horse markets.

An eclectic range of breeds, from baroque to Yorkshire Coach Horse, forged the original Holsteiner horse and from the 19th century, the importation of English thoroughbreds added refinement. From the mid-20th century, the arrival of such foundation thoroughbred sires as Cottage Son, Ladykiller, Sacramento Song and the French import Cor de la Bryère, at both private farms and the State Stud at Elmshorn, brought Holsteiner breeding to a whole new level.