Sport horse
FEATURE - Philip Heenan: A wonderful thing
Susan Finnerty
In the final part of her feature on the Philip Heenan era, Susan Finnerty recalls coincidences, Hillman Hunters and pups
31 December 2021 Show jumping
FEATURE - Jim Hickey: The power of choice
In the second part of a feature on coach Jim Hickey, he talks to Susan Finnerty about resolutions and solutions
22 December 2021 Breeding and sales
REVIEW 2021 - Breeding: Breathing life into the game
European championships and an Olympic Games in one year – Susan Finnerty looks at the breeding highlights of 2021
NEWS IN BRIEFS: Top breeders lined up for Teagasc webinar
Top sport horse breeders, Dr Noel Cawley and Rio Olympian Greg Broderick, are the guests for the Teagasc 'Let's Talk Equine' webinar on Tuesday, December 7th 2021
3 December 2021 Sport horse news
APPRECIATION: John Wright - 'He was always someone I looked up to'
Heartfelt tributes were paid to the late John Wright by George Russell, Jessica Harrington and Caroline Bjoerk
26 November 2021 Eventing
APPRECIATION: John Wright - A wonderful man of many talents
Former chairman of Eventing Ireland, John Wright, was a hard-working, multi-talented man who achieved much success in life
26 November 2021 Eventing
BREEDERS' 10: Sean Jones - A pure love of horses
Banner County breeder Sean Jones, who bred the HOYS supreme champion View Point, answers Susan Finnerty’s questions
26 November 2021 Breeding and sales
PONY TALES: Nine for nine for mare band
Wexford breeder Simon McCarthy's nine mares have all scanned in foal to his delight
19 November 2021 Pony Tales
BREEDERS' 10 - Richie Fitzgerald: The ultimate aim
The second Le Lion medal-winning breeder Richie Fitzgerald, from Waterford, answers Susan Finnerty’s questions
19 November 2021 Breeding and sales
Rounding off the breeding analysis of 2021 championships and rankings, Susan Finnerty looks at the WBFSH leading sires
19 November 2021 Breeding and sales
BREEDERS' 10 - Alan Wheeler: Breed what the market is looking for
Limerick farrier and producer Alan Wheeler, who has bred two WBFSH young horse finalists, answers Susan Finnerty’s questions
12 November 2021 Breeding and sales
BREEDING: Last train to tradition
Chris Ryan, a man of many hats, spoke to Susan Finnerty about eventing and traditional Irish breeding
12 November 2021 Breeding and sales