NEWS: Breeders pushing for new Tripartite Agreement
Mark Costello
European and British stakeholders are now on the same page, and just need to get Brussels to sanction their proposals
27 August 2021 Latest News
NEWS: Relief over British acceptance of Equine Centre tests
Life got a little bit easier for Irish vendors and consignors selling in Britain this autumn
13 August 2021 Latest News
NEWS: ITBA clarifies yearling sales health certificate position
The Irish Thoroughbred Breeders' Association has important news for vendors sending yearlings to the sales this autumn
NEWS: Breeders pushing digital solution to Brexit problems
Momentum is building behind a plan to reverse the significant fall-off in the number of overseas broodmares visiting Irish stallion farms
23 July 2021 Latest News
NEWS: Department speeds up delivery of sales horses to Britain
"Ireland is open for business", is the message following an initiative between Irish Thoroughbred Marketing, the Department of Agriculture and the sales companies
11 June 2021 Latest News
NEWS: Brexit breakthrough for Irish Equine Centre
Irish horses returning from British sales and studs won’t require a second blood test
21 May 2021 Latest News
NEWS: EU lifts 30-day residency restriction for equine imports
Industry body hail breakthrough though breeders and transporters say problems remain
16 April 2021 Latest News
COMMENT: Getting back on track
Ireland is one year on from Covid-19 and to help get back on track, all those in the equine sector should avail of all the possible supports available
12 March 2021 Sport horse news
Tattersalls issue 'Brexit' guide to moving horses
The Newmarket sales company has published a 31-page document for consignors and purchasers aimed at answering frequenly asked questions around the movement of horses between Britain and the EU
12 March 2021 Bloodstock Sales
NEWS: Stud farms concerned over delays to mare and foal transport
Some British veterinary surgeons are refusing to clear mares for travel until their foals are 30 days old, which could cause the mare to miss her optimum covering time
19 February 2021 Latest News
NEWS: Seales crack the UK landbridge
Well known equine hauliers Seale Transport successfully brought 11 sport horse ponies to mainland Europe via the UK landbridge
19 February 2021 Sport horse news
COMMENT: Braving new borders
Costs of moving horses from Britain into Europe have jumped by up to 320% since Brexit as an EFRA Committee gathers information on moving horses across borders. Should we open a similar inquiry here?
19 February 2021 Sport horse news