TIGGY’s Trust continues to give so much to all aspects of equestrian sport and ever progressive, it hosted its first mental health initative last weekend.

Everyone in attendance enjoyed what was an informative - and fun - day with plenty of ‘take home’ messages for all.

Among its main aims is helping to give coaches and parents the tools to recognise and understand how to deal with stress when teaching young equestrians.

Effectively, it’s training from the inside out and no doubt, will prove a significant aid to young riders, their families and mentors going forward.

‘A Mighty Flame Follows A Tiny Spark’ - no truer words.

Calendar clashes

Smooth scheduling of fixtures is essential to ensure a sensible calendar in any sport, but none more so than equestrian sport where the welfare of horses and ponies stands foremost in all considerations.

As we went to press yesterday (Friday), there was growing concern over serious clashes between SJI’s national calendar and HSI’s Studbook Series.

For riders, owners, breeders and producers, it’s absolutely essential that a common sense workable calendar is agreed and in place for the industry.

Hopefully, the parties can get around the table and together ensure exactly that comes to pass, sooner rather than later.

The upcoming RDS qualifier dates and venues (see RDS advert on page 81) were discussed and agreed with the SJI at the tail end of 2022 to ensure all would be - and duly is - in good order.

Take a leaf out of that good book anyone?