November 7th-14th

CSI1* – Carol Gee with Fernhill Clooney.

CSIYH1* – Alexander Butler with Ecerma B Z, Pella Horta; Nicholas Butler with NBS Epona (ISH), Orla Cassidy with Whitetree Endeavour (ISH); Michelle Kenny with Killaloan Tess (ISH), Tango E.T; Jack Ryan with Koh-I-Noor.

CSI4* – Shane Breen with Gait L, KBS Major Player (ISH), Lady Star Van Dorperheide; Trevor Breen with Germain W; Jessica Burke with Africa Affair, Ashdale Divine, Castlelawn Captain Junior (ISH)(TIH), Jacs Z, Nikey H; Alexander Butler with HH Bresil De Riverland, Pico; Nicholas Butler with Ladycastle Paco (ISH), Origi V/H Dingenshof; Orla Cassidy with Bridgemans Olympic Star (ISH); Anthony Condon with Ajaccienne, Creevyquinn Pearl (ISH), SFS Vincomte; Francis Derwin with AHG Whiterock Cruise Down (ISH), Deep Pockets (ISH), Fernhill Holly Chay, Kilerisk Can Ya (ISH); Eoin Gallagher with I Love You M; Michelle Kenny with Kingdom Come; Harry Marshall with Daylight VHS Z; Michael Pender with HHS Fastforward (ISH), HHS Fortune (ISH), Nando Quality; Jack Ryan with BBS McGregor (ISH), Cuick Star Kervec.



November 9th-14th

CSI1* – Aisling Byrne with Bronson De Reve (ISH), Celeste SPB Z, Chin Cham Cham, Wellview Lucy (ISH); Michael Duffy with Cadeau W Z; Neal Fearon with Joyful Power; Charlie Flanagan with Ballyfore Lola (ISH); Jason Foley with Kilossery Krescendo (ISH); Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Imandouw, Clem McMahon with Hilton Happyman (ISH), Andrew McSorley with Cheops Du Toultia Z, Christopher Megahey with E-Maitresse TVH Z, Ciaran Nallon with Clapton

CSI3* – Michael Duffy with Cabalina PS, Evito, Franklin, RMF Charyl; Jason Foley with Castlefield Cass (ISH), Clyde VA, Cnoc Rua Chinook (ISH), Keatingstown Z Wellie TWO (ISH); Cameron Hanley with ESI Toulouse (ISH); Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Cuffesgrange Cavadora (ISH); Clem McMahon with Legaland Team Spirit (ISH), Orlano Z, Pacato (ISH), TJM Amour Fou (ISH); Christopher Megahey with Cazador LS, Doriano De Blondel, Luigi Van De Nethe, Mistery Van Het Hellehof; Harold Megahey with Kingston, Ciaran Nallon with Dolce Vita Des Ouches, Louann, McFlurry 10; Deirdre Reilly with Finnegan D, Kafka VD Heffinick.

CSIYH1* – Conor Campion with Cillbhrid Hank (ISH), James Derham with Skyfall OS, Charlie Flanagan with Crystal Flake; Jason Foley with Castlefield Kamira, Castlefield Kingston; Cameron Hanley with Showoff AF Z; Seamus Hughes Kennedy with Castlefield Hera (ISH), ESI Jet Set (ISH), ESI Rocky (ISH); Christopher Megahey with Pac Man TW; Harold Megahey with Chocolate Z, Djoko Z, Kalippo Van De Wolfsakker; Ciaran Nallon with Big Blue 3; Gerard O’Neill with Castlefield Neptune (ISH), Deirdre Reilly with P-Flor-V.H.


Monterrey, La Silla

November 11th-14th

CSI5*-MLS – Jordan Coyle with Centriko Volo, Picador; Simon McCarthy with Gotcha; Paul O’Shea with Chancelloress, Hellcat; Conor Swail with Count Me In, Gamble; Shane Sweetnam with Birdy Du Thot, Indra Van De Oude Heihoef.

CSI2* – Jordan Coyle with Boston Ask; Simon McCarthy with Don’t Touch Du Bois; Paul O’Shea with Sexy Beast; Shane Sweetnam with Impossible Dream.


Chazey sur Ain

November 10th-14th

CSI1* – Mark McCauley with Danslevent De Carles, Esmeralda De Hus Z, Insurance-II Les Hauts.


Aiken, SC

November 10th-14th

CSI3* – Jonathon Corrigan with Fair Play; Richie Moloney with Coco Beach, Rocksy Music (ISH).



November 11th-13th

CSI1* – Floortje Deckers with Ippie, Gusto Van De Elzenhorst; Shane Dwan with Bipeggio, Nibali Van Het Eikenhof; Frederick Goltz with Don Verdi, Eager, Hugo, TJ Mullanacross Maliro (ISH); Darragh Kenny with Sangris Boy; Thomas O’Brien with Ariege, Poonam SD, Villefort.

CSI2* – Bertram Allen with Classified (ISH), Pacino Amiro (ISH); Harry Allen with Crossbar Melloni, G.Breaker; Floortje Deckers with Lillebebegaards Amaflair; Shane Dwan with Corny 8, Hickstead White, Self Control 3; Darragh Kenny with Great-Tikila J, Idalville D’esprit, Volnay Du Boisdeville; Denis Lynch with Cornets Iberio, In The Air, Visa Z; Shane O’Meara with Harvard, Haufom, Ici Iris; Sofie Slattery with Valentine Du Bois Pinchet.

CSIYH1* – Bertram Allen with Calculatus, Empoli De Champloue; Harry Allen with Calisto Blanc, Dural, Kurkuma Della Caccia; Shane Dwan with Havalla; Denis Lynch with Nindino PS; Shane O’Meara with Nindino PS.



Tryon NC

November 10th-14th

CCI3*-L – Michael Nolan with Bad Moon Rising.




November 13th-14th

CE1*100 – Avril Bray with Asalya Chene.