Crosspoles – Equal 1, Tickles (Bella Murtagh and Big Daddy (Lois Murtagh); 3, Candy (Leah McCullagh).

40cms – 1, Big Daddy (Lois Murtagh), 2, Tickles (Bella Murtagh); 3, Lucy (Ruby McVerry).

50cms – 1, Duchess (Emily Flavin), 2, Cassie (Ciara Flavin); 3, Fly High Zeus (Eliza Lapsley).

60cms – 1, Bluebell (Emma Cassidy); 2, Gerry (Kate Loughran); 3, Duchess (Emily Flavin).

70cms – 1, Coco (Lucy Gililand); equal 2, Spice (Alicia Kernan) and Sindy (Kyila Corry); 3, Bluebell (Emma Cassidy).

80cms – 1, Spice (Alicia Kernan); 2, Daisy (Ryan Mulholland); equal 3, Sinday (Kyila Corry) and Coco (Lucy Gililand).

90cms – 1, Daisy (Ryan Mulholland); 2, Pixie Pop (Faye McKeever); 3, Oscar (Megan Magennis).

1m – 1, Drombane Legend (Emily McCourt); 2, Honey (Aimee Murphy).


Horses, 80cms – Divided between R. Lyons’ Paddy Elvis (Rachel Lyons); N. McGrath’s Baskin Mulranny Bay (Niall McGrath) and V. Collins’ Interpreter (Vicky Collins).

90cms – Divided between T. Barry’s Fountain Cruze (Bláithín Barry); A. O’Brien’s Lackamore Dream (Aisling O’Brien); M. Egan’s Kilcorban Epic (Kate Egan); V. Collins’ Interpreter (Vicky Collins) and S. Garrett-Cooney’s Fortane Aran (Siobhan Garrett-Cooney).

1m – Divided between S. Barry’s Fountain Athlete (Sarah O’Sullivan); G. McMahon’s Greenlough JJ (Geraldine McMahon) and C. McCarthy’s Nollaig(Ciara McCarthy).

1.10m – Divided between S. Gormally’s CHF Miss Stetter (Brian Egan); D. Killeen’s Cooncalagy Legend (Diarmuid Killeen); S. Madden’s Quiline VD Bisschop (Kara Madden); C. O’Halloran’s Celanique RV Z (Casey O’Halloran); M. Naughton’s Simbolise (Martha Naughton) and D. Dooley’s Landenco’s Lady (Gary Dooley).

1.20m – Divided between Limestone Paddock c/o Jim Roberts’ Limestone Lady Gaga (Joanne Mcguire) and D. Dooley’s Landencos Lady (Gary Dooley).

Ponies, Newcomers – 1, G. O’Leary’s Cookies And Cream 2 (Ellen O’Leary).

128cms (70cms) – 1, F. Mangan’s Tuscan Star (Isabelle Mangan).

128cms (80cms) – Divided between K. Whelan’s Monemore Polly (Patrick Carey); L. Carey’s Pollys Rocket (Karen Carey); L. Carey’s Cluainin Spring-Johnson (Karen Carey) and A. Hynes’ Ballygawley Blitz (Suzie Hynes).

128cms under 10s (85cms) – 1, A. Hynes’ Ballygawley Blitz (Suzie Hynes); 2, T. Barry’s Banner Spirit (Ellie Carroll).

128cms (90cms) – 1, S. Egan’s Dromore Hill Boy (Sarah Egan); 2, T. Barry’s Banner Spirit (Ellie Carroll); 3, S. Egan’s DHS Summer (Sarah Egan); 4, A. Barry’s Killorglin Boy (Andrea Barry); 5, P.J. Costello’s Captain Jack Sparrow II (Jack Costello); 6, P.J. Costello’s Heartbreaker Charlie (Jack Costello).

128cms (1m) – 1, S. Egan’s Dromore Hill Boy (Sarah Egan); 2, S. Egan’s DHS Summer (Sarah Egan).

138cms (80cms) – Divided between J. Kennedy’s Ballypierce Razzle (Hilary Hannan) and R. Dalton’s Ardville Caskerry (Cameron Kelly).

138cms (90cms) – Divided between J. Kennedy’s Ballypierce Razzle (Hilary Hannan); P. Darcey’s Foxview Baby Cruise (Victoria Darcy); A. Hynes’ Lakeview Jackie Sparrow (Annie Hynes); P. Darcey’s Lincoln D’Abzer (Victoria Darcy) and R. Dalton’s Ardville Caskerry (Cameron Kelly).

138cms (1m) – 1, J. Gleeson’s Grey Mist (Molly Gleeson); 2, R. Malone’s Kiltormer Grey Alert (Elsie Carey); 3, T. Moloney’s Connor Mara (Tommy Moloney); 4, A. Hynes’ Lakeview Jackie Sparrow (Annie Hynes).

138cms (1.10m) – 1, R. Malone’s Kiltormer Grey Alert (Elsie Carey); 2, S. Egan’s Rebel Gealach (David Egan); 3, R. Dalton’s Bishopscourt Lad (Cameron Kelly).

148cms (80cms) – Divided between J. Cregan’s Killossery Katie (Gary Dooley) and D. Keane’s Flash Bobby (Riley Keane).

148cms (90cms) – Divided between J. Cregan’s Killossery Katie (Gary Dooley); D. Ambrose’s Cill Mhaoile Beauty (Niamh Ambrose); J. McMahon’s Jersey Shore (Gary Dooley) and G. Walker’s Rooska Bonnie (Cameron Kelly).

148cms (1m) – Divided between G. Walker’s Rooska Bonnie (Cameron Kelly); T. Moloney’s Dada’s Little Prince (Tommy Moloney); M. Coffey’s Sparkling Apache Gold (Maeve Coffey); S. Egan’s Milchem Allstar (Brian Egan); J. Gleeson’s Killea Richard (Liam Gleeson); C. O’Halloran’s Longstone Silver Bell (Jill Greene) and M. O’Dea’s WCE Queenies Cornet (Lily O’Dea).

148cms (1.10m) – 1, A. Clancy’s Joaquin Phoenix (Amy Clancy); 2, D. Dooley’s Highburren Rose (Gary Dooley); 3, M. Coffey’s Sparkling Apache Gold (Maeve Coffey); 4, J. Slattery’s Connie Cassero (Sadhbh Slattery); 5, C. Keane’s Rathosey Mountain Mist (Charlie Keane); 6, T. Moloney’s Sheeaun Santa Blue (Tommy Moloney).

148cms (1.20m) – 1, J. Mcguire’s Vivaldi One (Jill Greene); 2, J. Slattery’s Ballinamurra Josh (Sadhbh Slattery); 3, R. Dalton’s Lilly Bel of Tullykittagh (Cameron Kelly); 4, S. Egan’s Carrigeen Clover (Brian Egan); 5, J. McMahon’s Western Ranger (Gary Dooley).

148cms (1.30m) – 1, S. Egan’s Katie Girl (Brian Egan); 2, D. Quinlivan’s RDJW Merclov (Naoise Quinlivan); 3, J. Slattery’s Ballinamurra Josh (Sadhbh Slattery); 4, D. Dooley’s Kingdom Connie (Gary Dooley).


Saturday, June 18th

Horses, Carleton Stables Munster SJI league 1.15m – 1, Fortside Farm’s Fortside Trend (Robyn Moran); 2, Gerard Curtin’s Walking In Paris (Owner); 3, Wendy Condon’s Top Aviator (Robyn Moran); 4, Michael Hayden’s Primo Cino (Jenny Connors); 5, Gina Heaps’ Carrowgar Cool Heart (Robyn Moran); 6, Grace O’Donnell’s Diamond Infinity (Sarah O’Donnell).

Sweet Oak Farm Munster SJI league 1.25m – 1, Fortside Farm’s Fortside Trend (Robyn Moran); 2, John Joyce’s Glyntown Paddy (Patrick Joyce) 3, Gina Heaps’ Carrowgar Je T’Aime Max (Robyn Moran); 4, Gillian Bond’s Vicomte DH Z (Owner); 5, Limestone Paddocks c/o Jim Roberts’ Limestone Briarhill Lui (Gemma Phelan); 6, Derry Kingston’s Carrigeen Trend (Dolores Kingston).

Red Mills Munster Grand Prix 1.35m league – 1, Victoria Foster’s ABC Ballycruise (Gemma Phelan); 2, Gina Heaps’ Carrowgar Je T’Aime Max (Robyn Moran); 3, Alan Briscoe’s Cohiba by Picobello Z (Francis Connors); 4, Richard Hourigan’s Killaloan Cobra Carel (Owner); 5, Madeline Roberts Allen’s Celah Sue De Rialfo Z (Owner); 6, Philip Carey’s Quebello D (Adam Carey).

Sunday, June 19th

Munster Agricultural Society 1.10m – 1, Fortside Farm’s Fortside Trend (Robyn Moran); 2, Gerard Curtin’s Cruise For Life (Owner); 3, Andrew Hodgins’ Bobello (Owner); 4, Brian Lenehan’s LDEC Solo (Roisin Lenehan); 5, Gerard Curtin’s Walking In Paris (Owner); 6, Wendy Condon’s Top Aviator (Robyn Moran).

Ladies championship 1.10m – 1, Annemarie Hynes’ Busy Lizzie (Owner); 2, Michael Hayden’s Primo Cino (Jenny Connors); 3, Laura Stack’s Forever A Lady (Laura Stack); 4, Brian Lenehan’s LDEC Solo (Roisin Lenehan).

Munster Agricultural Society 1.20m – 1, Fortside Farm’s Fortside Trend (Robyn Moran); 2, Gina Heaps’ Carrowgar Cool Heart (Robyn Moran); 3, Edward Widger’s Crossroads Quality Chip (Edward Doyle Jnr); 4, Jack O’Donohue’s Kilmountain Saphira (Tony O’Donohue); 5, Richie O’Hara’s Kilbunny Vixen (Francis Connors); 6, Edward Doyle’s Evolve Gold Label (Edward Doyle Jnr).

Gain Alltech National Grand Prix – 1, Jim Derwin’s Deep Pockets (Francis Derwin Jnr.); 2, Francis Derwin’s Killerisk Can Ya (Francis Derwin Jnr); 3, Seamus Hayes’ Clarton Clazou Z (Owner); 4, Edward Doyle’s Quick Bill (Edward Doyle Jnr); 5, Highfort Stud’s Much Loved (Francis Connors); 6, Francis Connors’ Carrigshawn Vendi Royal (Francis Connors).


National championships, teams – 1 (and Flood trophy plus Meath trophy), Waterford Blue (Breffni Walsh 2,540, Julie McDonald 3,510, Matilda Ormond 3,040 and Emmet Walsh 3,562) 10,112 points; 2, Carlow Rockets (Rocco Mulhall 3,334, Alife Donohue 3,322, Orla Kelly 2,966 and Cillian Tobin 3,290) 9,946; 3 (and Clare trophy for most cross-country clears), Kildare Red (Sarah Smullen 3,166, Robyn Dempsey 3,298, Tadgh O’Haire 3,272 and Hogan Byrne 3,308) 9,878; 4, Tipperary Tigers (Jack Landy 3,260, Patrick O’Callaghan 3,488, Siún Coleman 2,574 and Robyn O’Reilly 3,122) 9,870; 5 (and Sisk cup for best all-boys team), Killinick Green (Tommy Codd 3,332, Max Doran 3,092, Ted Cousins 3,178 and Jack Codd 2,496) 9,602; 6 (and Sisk cup for best all-girls team), Kingdom Queens (Lucy Griffin 3,026, Lexi Keane 2672, Sophie Constable 2,794 and Aoibhinn O’Driscoll 3,292) 9,112; 50 teams competed.

Individuals, combined – 1, Scarteen’s Jonty Purcell swimming 1,096, riding 1,400, running 1,174 = 3,670 points; 2, Waterford’s Emmet Walsh 1,144, 1,280, 1,138 = 3,562; 3, Newcastle Lyons Kildare’s Lucy McCarthy 1,056, 1,400, 1,060 = 3,516; 4, Waterford’s Julie McDonald 1,152, 1,340, 1,018 = 3,510; 5, Tipperary’s Patrick O’Callaghan 1,064, 1,280, 1,144 = 3,488; 6, Ward Union’s Clodagh Reilly 992, 1,340, 1,114 = 3,466.

Boys – 1 (and Sisk cup), Scarteen’s Jonty Purcell swimming 1,096, riding 1,400, running 1,174 = 3,670 points; 2, Waterford’s Emmet Walsh 1,144, 1,280, 1,138 = 3,562; 3, Tipperary’s Patrick O’Callaghan 1,064, 1,280, 1,144 = 3,488; 4, Carlow’s Rocco Mulhall 920, 1,270, 1,144 = 3,334; 5, Killinick’s Tommy Codd 944, 1,400, 988 = 3,332; 6, Carlow’s Alfie Donohue 1,000, 1,280, 1,042 = 3,322.

Girls – 1 (and Sisk cup), Newcastle Lyons’s Lucy McCarthy swimming 1,056, riding 1,400, running 1,060 = 3,516 points; 2, Waterford’s Julie McDonald 1,152, 1,340, 1018 = 3,510; 3, Ward Union’s Clodagh Reilly 992, 1,340, 1,114 = 3,446; 4, Galway’s Hannah Hussey 1,104, 1,286, 982 = 3,372; 5, Kildare’s Robyn Dempsey 1,048, 1,220, 1,030 = 3,298; 6, Kingdom’s Aoibhinn O’Driscoll 856, 1,400, 1036 = 3,292.

International, teams – 1, Ireland 1 (Emmet Walsh 4,462, Isla Coad 3,692, Patrick O’Callaghan 4,288, Julie McDonald 4,350 and Jonty Purcell 4,390) 17,490 points; 2, Great Britain (Izzy Tweddle 4,510, Lucy McGrath 3,506, Isobel Cook Woods 4,446, Samantha Johnson 3,742 and Erin Wilson 3,972) 16,670; 3, Ireland 2 (Robyn Dempsey 4,178, Lucy McCarthy 4,416, Jack Landy 4,120, Isabelle O’Conaloa 3,784 and Ellen Medlycott 3,446) 16, 498; 4, Northern Ireland (Olivia Stewart 2,242, Freddie Clarke 2,946, Zoe Caskey 3,282, Una McClelland 2,712 and Tori Lilly 3,060) 12,000.

Individuals, combined – 1, Britain’s Izzy Tweddle shooting 980, swimming 1,232, riding 1,400, running 898 = 4,510 points; 2, Ireland’s Emmet Walsh 900, 1,144, 1,280, 1,138 = 4,462; 3, Britain’s Isobel Cook Woods 940, 1,160, 1,340, 1,006 = 4,446; 4, Ireland’s Lucy McCarthy 900, 1,056, 1,400, 1060 = 4,416; 5, Ireland’s Jonty Purcell 720, 1,096, 1,400, 1,174 = 4,390; 6, Ireland’s Julie McDonald 840, 1,152, 1,340, 1,018 = 4,350.

Boys – 1, Ireland’s Emmet Walsh shooting 900, swimming 1,144, riding 1,280, running 1,138 = 4,462 points; 2, Ireland’s Jonty Purcell 720, 1,096, 1,400, 1,174 = 4,390; 3, Ireland’s Patrick O’Callaghan 800, 1,064, 1,280, 1,144 = 4,288; 4, Ireland’s Jack Landy 860, 1,048, 1,110, 1,102 = 4,120; 5, Ireland’s Patrick Fitzgerald O’Connor 700, 1,136, 580, 988 = 3,404; 6, Northern Ireland’s Freddie Clarke 900, 888, 290, 868 = 2,946.

Girls – 1, Britain’s Izzy Tweddle shooting 980, swimming 1,232, riding 1,400, running 898 = 4,510 points; 2, Britain’s Isobel Cook Woods 940, 1,160, 1,340, 1,006 = 4,446; 3, Ireland’s Lucy McCarthy 900, 1,056, 1,400, 1,060 = 4,416; 4, Ireland’s Julie McDonald 840, 1,152, 1,340, 1,018 = 4,350; 5, Ireland’s Robyn Dempsey 880, 1,048, 1,220, 1,030 = 4,178; 6, Britain’s Elin Wilson 920, 1,096, 1,130, 826 = 3,972.


Breeding stock

Horse Sport Ireland lightweight broodmare – 1, Susanne Kelly’s Susie’s Diamond Miss, by Colin Diamond – Susie’s Imp; 2, Richard Gildea’s Miss Cranny Lancelot, by Lancelot – Miss Glacier Girl; 3, Martin Murphy’s Frenchfort Black Beauty, by Loughahoe Guy – Alloon Lily, by Ard Grandpa.

Horse Sport Ireland middle/heavyweight broodmare – 1, Paul Cleary’s Lady Fassagh, by Porsch – Crosstown Annie, by Crosstown Dancer; 2, Des & Margaret Jeffares’ Ballykelly Notalot, by Lancelot – Clooneen Cavalier Countess; 3, Demond Gibson’s Pink Flamingo, by Silvano – dam by Ringfort Cruise.

Horse Sport Ireland Irish Draught broodmare – 1, John Fahy’s Lackyle Penny Lane, by Mountain Diamond – dam by Drumhowan Gold; 2, Owner unlisted, by Huntingfield Rebel – dam by Westmeath Lad.

Horse Sport Ireland broodmare champion – Lady Fassagh; reserve: Ballykelly Notalot.

Equi Flexx – 1, Des & Margaret Jeffares’ Ballykelly Mac Diarado, by Diarado – Ballykelly Notalot 2, Owner unlisted, Happy Rumour, by Road To Happiness – Little Rumour.

Equi Flexx filly foal – 1, Michael Dooner’s by Another Pleasure – Rockin Ruby.

O’Brien’s Renault champion foal – Ballykelly Mac Diarado; reserve: Happy Rumour.

In-hand horses

Midland Equine Transport yearling filly – 1, Deirdre Dardis’ Derrymore Tyson, by Tyson – Golden Diamond; 2, Martin Murphy’s CG Blaze of Glory, by Loughahoe Guy – Castlemeadow Mildred, by Power Blade; Maire McGreevy’s Honey Clover Crest, by Castle Crest.

Midland Equine Transport yearling colt/gelding – 1, Katie O’Reilly’s Rooskey Boy Blue, by Kilrooskey Boy – Celtic Legend.

Liam Mullen Farrier Services two-year-old filly – 1, Shirley Hurst’s Tattygare Mini Me, by Arkan – dam by Iroko; Barbara Maguire’s Miss Lugh, by Inverin Rocky; 3, Deirdre Dardis’ Derrymore Kiana, by Shadow Gate – Golden Diamond.

Compas Stallions two-year-old colt/gelding – 1, Regina Daly & Finbarr McCarthy’s Strike The Pose, by Tyson – dam by Ard VDL Douglas.

Baileys Horse Feeds three-year-old filly – 1, Niamh Varley & Darragh Glynn’s Crannaghmore Emir’s Cailin, by Elusive Emir – dam by Aughrim Knight; 2, Owner’s name unlisted, by Future Trend; 3, Niamh Hoey’s Lagans Quality Chia, by Lagans OBOS Quality.

Liam Mullen Farrier Services three-year-old colt/gelding – 1, James McWeeney’s Longstone Emir, by Elusive Emir – dam by Castana.

Traditional Irish youngstock – 1, Niamh Varley & Darragh Glynn’s Crannaghmore Emir’s Cailin; 2, James McWeeney’s Longstone Emir; 3, Barbara Maguire’s Miss Lugh.

O’Briens Renault young horse champion – Tattygare Mini Me; reserve: Strike The Pose.

Irish Draughts

All Ireland ICG Construction yearling – 1, Tiffany Phelan’s Thetis Greystar, by Farmhill Highlander – dam by Fintan Himself; 2, Tom McHugh’s Dooninver Sonny, by Cappa Cassanova – Grenville Silver Queen.

Brennan’s Tarmac two-year-old – 1, Grace Murphy’s Gleann Rua.

Ballinagall Sporthorses three-year-old – 1, Michael Glynn’s Carrabawn Rosa, by Young Carrabawn – dam by King Henry; 2, John Fahy’s Lackyle Kings Mountain Pathfinder, by Fast Silver – dam by Huntingfield Heathcliff; 3, Evelyn Glynn’s Carrabawn Rebel, by Ballylarkin Silver – Rebel Mountain.

O’Brien’s Renault Irish Draught young stock champion – Carrabawn Rosa; reserve: Gleann Rua.

Ridden horses

Compas Stallions four-year-old – 1, Shirley Hurst’s Tattygare It’s All About Me (Shirley Hurst); 2, Evan Henry’ Queen of the South (Evan Henry); 3, John O’Keeffe’s Monroe (Edel Whyte).

Horse Sport Ireland top-placed mare – Tattygare It’s All About Me.

Heads Up Threads Irish Draughts – 1, Dominick Coyle’s Ashtree Ard Diamond (Philippa Scott); 2 John B O’Connor’sThe King’s Silver (Alicia Devlin Byrne); 3, Angela Desmond’s Knocknagow Midnight Express (Marie Byrne).

Horse Sport Ireland top-placed mare – Cathy Cooper’s Donegal Miss (Cathy Cooper).

GFW Sporthorses lightweight cob – 1, Keith Martin’s Mystical (Nicole Perrin); 2, Jodie Morans’ Poetry In Cobmotion (Jodie Moran); 3, Andrina Starr’s Miss Molly Moo (Andrina Starr).

GFW Sporthorses heavyweight cob – 1, PJ Casey’s Foxtrot (PJ Casey); 2, Jodie Moran’s Mrs Patmore (Jodie Moran); 3, Keith Martin’s Sir Sheldon (Kate Boyce).

All Ireland Machine Plastering Ltd maxi cob – 1, Fionnuala Maloney’s Carey Mr Milsean (Fionnuala Maloney); 2, Emily Purcell’s Mo Chairde (Emily Purcell).

Maura Rooney ladies hunter – 1, Cathy Cooper Donegal Miss (Cathy Cooper); 2, Rebecca Rafter Roanwood Mick Dundee (Rebecca Rafter); 3, Jodie Carter’s Arbois-O (Jodie Carter).

Equi Flexx coloured – 1, Emily Mac Mahon’s Kildangan Bellatrix; 2, Jodie Moran’s It’s Reigning Cats And Cobs; 3, Kate Boyce’s Sir Sheldon.

Equi Flexx riding horse – 1, Aileen Dwyer’s Vanity Flair ; 2 Sadhbh Gannon’s Dingle Bay; 3, Ciara Mullen’s Chantilly On The Rocks.

Mullingar Agri Store amateur – 1, Anita Craven’s Corker Elm Bridge; 2, Astrid Martini-Facio’s Kilrodan Blue Chip; 3, Chris Carter’s Cloonan Hector.

Midland Equine Transport small hunter – 1, Nicola Perrin, Ballarin Baroness; 2, Catherine Patterson’s Ballycurrane Laith; 3, Laura Whyte’s Sleehaun Master Mind.

Irish Sport Auctions/Mullingar Horse Sales lightweight hunter – 1, Alicia Devlin Byrne’s Chesterfield King Curtis; 2, Shane McKenna’s Tinvacoosh Tory King; 3, Carole Fagan’s Izzy.

JumpinAction Photography ladies hunter, side-saddle – 1, Rebecca Rafter’s Roanwood Mick Dundee.

Sheelin Meats middleweight hunter – 1, William McMahon’s Da Vinci; 2, Thomas Conlon’s Lisbrogan Gold; 3, Shane McKenna’s Mongorry Cormac.

Charlestown Racing racehorse to riding horse – 1, Sadhbh Gannon’s Dingle Bay 2, Philippa Scott’s Milliner; 3, Jamie Buckley’s Woodland Opera.

Mullingar RC riding club – 1, Chris Carter’s Cloonan Hector; 2, Kitty Shanahan’s Hunter; 3, Heather Martin’s Riverfield Kannafanta.

O’Briens Renault champion hunter/Search for a Star championship (And Eddie Purcell Memorial Cup) – Da Vinci; reserve: Ballarin Baroness.

Horse Sport Ireland ridden mare champion – Ballarin Baroness.

Working hunters

Packhorse 60cms – 1, Karen Fox’s Lissarulla Tzar; 2, Christa Dillon’s Blackhill Tickled Pink; 3, James Cottin’s Dernahatten Izzy.

Packhorse/Horse Sport Ireland 70cms – 1, Hannah Gordon Lankill Rosey; 2, Karen Fox’s Lissarulla Tzar; 3, Roisin Fitzpatrick’s Cill Croga.

Horse Sport Ireland top-placed four-year-old mare – Queen of the South (Evan Henry).

Packhorse 80cms – 1, Zara Cottin’s Dernahatten Grey Mist; 2, Alicia Devlin Byrne’s Chesterfield King Curtis; 3, Aoife Flynn’s Fiery Diplomat.

Packhorse Mountain & Moorland – 1, Ellie Rogan’s Tullaree Fear Bui; 2, Edel Whyte’s Sleehaun Ninja; 3, Freya Alken’s Glasson Shadow.

Packhorse 90cms – 1, Amy Grady’s Glinsk Star; 2, Alicia Devlin Byrne ‘sThe King’s Silver; 3, Megan Delaney’s Mallow Warrior

Horse Sport Ireland highest-placed mare – Carrafarm Light Years (Niamh Grimes).

Charlestown Racing racehorse to working hunter, 90cms – 1, Hannah Wentges’ Rock On Rio; 2, Emily Murphy’s Michael’s Pick; 3, Melanie Love’s Double Speak.

Packhorse 1m – 1, William McMahon’s Da Vinci; 2, Alison Fitzgerald’sManderlay; 3, Chloe Roche’s Uisneagh Pure Genius.

Horse Sport Ireland top-placed mare – Oakland Little T (Meabh Hennessy).

TIH Winner – Dernahatten Grey Mist (Zara Cottin).

Packhorse 1.10m – 1, Jack Martin’s Concordes Cruise Queen; 2, Sarah Gadaloff’s Coumroe; 3, Hannah Gordon’s DS Ballagh.

O’Briens Renault champion – Da Vinci; reserve: Tullaree Fear Bui.

HSI mare champion – Queen of the South.

In-hand ponies

Equi Fless young stock – 1, Layla Rose Fahey’s Barrera Crystal Orchid by Muskerry Cascade – dam by Glebedale Questionaire; 2, Chanelle Stanford’s Ballinacarrig Amelia’s Dream, by Afan Hilldrift – dam by Catharis Mabon; 3, Catherine Boylan’s Tyrellspass Prince Charming, by Chinook Limelight – Megland Mooncharm; 2, Carla Farrell’s Hollycreek Sir Selby, by Hilin Renoir – Waitwith Sabrina.

Connemaras, Limehill Connemaras yearling colt/gelding – 1, Aidan Lee’s Eagle, Silver Hope, by Silver Shadow – Knockadore Dancer.

O’Brien’s Renault two-year-old filly – 1, Thomasina O’Reilly’s Flower of Roo, by Banks Donovan – Roo Heather; 2, Sean McLoughlin’s Cathal’s Delight, by Moyvoon Star – Hanna May.

Compas Stallions two-year-old colt/gelding – 1, Carole Farnell’s Loughmore Vegas, by Western Boy – Loughmore Misty.

Drain Expert three-year-old filly – 1, Laura McWeeney’s Longstone Beauty, by Longstone Silver Shadow – Addrigoole Annabel.

O’Brien’s Renault mare – 1 (and Horse Sport Ireland prize), Grace Maxwell’s Glencarrig Princess Ella, by Glencarrig Knight – Glencarrig Princess; 2, Melanie Marnane’s Longwood Rose, by Fernville Danny – Lucky Star II.

O’Briens’s Renault stallion – 1, Joe Burke’s Banks Timber; 2, Liam Lynskey’s Whitethorn Buachaill But, by Killaloe Buachaill Bui – Frenchfort Rose.

Lisbrogan in-hand pony champion – Banks Timber; reserve: Whitethorn Buachaill Bui.

Horse First young handlers – 1, Heidi (Ava Egan); 2, Creevelea Midnight Rambler (Isobel Rymer); 3, Dernahatten Izzy ( James Cottin).

Ridden ponies

Forever Equestrian Tack & Feed Store open lead-rein – 1, Amesbury Bumble Bee (Oliver Murphy); 2, Clwydyrhiw Chocy (Hazel Brennan); 3, Abercramlais Dante (Sasha Smith).

Forever Equestrian Tack & Feed Store open first ridden – 1, Wensley Matador (Claudia O’Neill); 2, Logue Mo Chairde (Ada Purcell).

Equi Flexx intermediate – 1, Helen Burn’s Glasson Shadow (Freya Alken).

Tower Document Storage open show pony – 1, Claire Scott’s Golden Grove Special Edition (Emily Scott).

Tower Document Storage & Shredding open show hunter – 1, Aoife O’Connor’s Imperial High Tide (Sadhbh O’Connor); 2, Sarah Rymer’s Creevelea Midnight Rambler (Isobel Rymer); 3, Marian Judge’s Waterglades Over The Moon (Annarose Scott).

Equi Flexx coloured – 1, Ashley’s Grand Finale (Sadhbh O Connor); 2 Waterglades Over The Moon (Annarose Scott).

Forever Equestrian Tack & Feed Store junior side-saddle – 1, Daisy (Orla Cleary).

All Ireland ICF Construction Ltd local pony – 1, Lady Davlyn (Abbi Lynch); 2, Tonto (Louise Ordianair); 3, Woodhaven Jim Joe (Lorraine Murphy).

Longhill Boarding Kennels & Cattery Connemara, riders over 16 – 1, Liam Lynskey’s Whitethorn Buachaill Bui (Hannah Gordon); 2, Aoife Chambers’s Beezies Kinder (Aoife Chambers); 3, Grace Murphy’s Glencarrig Princess Ella (Grace Murphy).

Thomasina O’Reilly Connemara, rider under 16 – 1, R & C Sheil Mullen’s Caherpuca Chappy (Annarose Scott); 2, Helen Burns’s Glasson Shadow (Freya Alken); 3, Cathy Cooper & Nicola Main’s Tullaree Fea Bui (Ellie Rogan).

Lisbrogan Sporthorses champion – Whitethorn Buachaill Bui; reserve: Caherpuca Chappy.


The Hive & ESI Children on Horses 1.20m – 1, Beach Buggy (Harry Rush); 2, Hasty Road (Isobel Sheehan); 3, Ahare Olympic Flemmencio (Isobel Sheehan).

128cms Mullingar Auctions Young Pony Series (80cms) – Divided between Castlefield Misty (Dylan Widger); Cloneden Dannan (Jack Derwin); Currabawn Supreme (Daragh Coyle); Holly’s Roman (Alexandria McMahon); Kilcreene Granite (Charlie Flynn) Loughside Pebbles (Katie McDonald); Lucky (Ciara Cash); Watergrange Jojo (Lucy Kent) and Whiskey Jack II (Blathnaid Murphy).

128cms Bob Sweeney Equine Future Champions Series (85cms) – 1, Castlequarter Katie Bee (Charlotte Foley); 2, Watergrange Jojo (Lucy Kent); 3, Tobergregan Brownie (Timmy Considine); equal 4, Divernagh’s Little Belle (Rachel Sheehan) and Pineview Bo (Rachel Sheehan); 6, Cloneden Dannan (Jack Derwin).

The Hive & ESI 128cms under 10s (85cms) – 1, Carra Peppa (Edward Walsh Jnr); 2, Granstown Snoopy (Lucy Kent); 3, In It To Win It (Elsie Tunney); 4, Whistletown Blue Belle (Tim Hawkins); 5, Popcorn (Edward Walsh); 6, Maximilo (Serena Brown).

128cms Mullingar Auctions Young Pony Series (90cms) – 1, Dutch Lady (Lucia Keane); 2, Sparkling Miss Legends (Eunan Kelly); 3, Runaway Dolly (Arielle Allen); 4, Creggaun Holly (Helen Walsh); 5, Kilcreene Granite (Charlie Flynn); 6, Creevagh Pringles (Liam Concannon).

128cms Bob Sweeney Equine Future Champions Series (1m) – 1, Sparkling Miss Legends (Eunan Kelly); 2, Milos (Lucy Kent); 3, Sparkling Drumcaghey Katie (Elizabeth McCracken); 4, Goldie Locks II (Cara Garrity); 5, Desirless D’Argan (Lucia Keane).

The Hive & ESI 128cms (1m) – 1, Uquam d’Emery PFS (Elizabeth McCracken); 2, He’s A Touch Of Magic (Robbie Sheehan); 3, I’m A Starboy (Charlie Flynn); 4, Lady Bird (Helen Walsh); 5, The Nut Cracker (Alanna Keeling); 6, Rachel’s Rory (Alexandria McMahon).

138cms Mullingar Auctions Young Pony Series (90cms) – Divided between Sparkling Boomerang’s Zoffany (Zara-Jane Kelly) and Sparkling Mr Gucci (Adam Adair); Bronheulog Catnap (Julia Mulligan).

138cms Mullingar Auctions Young Pony Series (1m) – 1, Jack McCann (Brooke Rafferty); 2, 50 Shades (Zara-Jane Kelly); 3, Knockagaron Fear Bui Falcon (Joe Cadam); 4, Lurganmore Little Rocket (Caitlin Kelly); 5, Cahirmee Dream (Sophie Cathcart); 6, Little Pretender (Sophia Bingham).

138cms Bob Sweeney Equine Future Champions Series (1.10m) – 1, Shenandoah Sadie (Nicole Brennan); 2, Little Pretender (Sophia Bingham); 3, Lurganmore Little Rocket (Caitlin Kelly); 4, Lisnadrisha Friday (Evanne Coyle); 5, Bay Times (Robbie Sheehan).

The Hive & ESI 138cms (1.10m) – 1, Drumcaghey Diamond (Charlotte McCracken); 2, Mayfly Green Peter (Ruben Foley); 3, D Drim De Brixia (Lauren Adams); 4, Sparkling Boomastasia (Ruben Foley); 5, Latoons Full Back (Jack Kent); 6, Tynan Rocket (Charlotte McCracken).

148cms Starfinder six/seven-year-olds – 1, Bungi (Aine Shortall); 2, Correlli Clover (Lauren Adams); 3, Machno Diamond Edition (Jack Kent); 4, Mary Clover (Lauren Murphy); 5, Lucy’s Shadow (Leon Van Cauwenberge); 6, Quintaira DZ (Lauren Adams).

148cms (90cms) – Divided between Castlehill Cheeky Boy (Zara-Jane Kelly); Clounanna Benji Boy (James Derwin); Correal Emma (Aidan O’Brien); Killymard Johnno (Aidan O’Brien); Kinamara Dun Boy (Johan Fitzpatrick Burns); Mylestown Lad (James Derwin); Orchid’s Sevalia (Ben Walsh); RMA Silver Dollar (Hannah Thompson); Sonny Girl (Tia Smith) and Top Twist (Lori Smith).

148cms Mullingar Equestrian Auctions Young Pony Series (1m) – Divided between Clounanna Benji boy (James Derwin); Cortober Brian (Elizabeth McMahon); Gamesport T’Other (Zoe Keys); Glencroft Clover Diamond (Emily Grifferty); Kinamara Dun Boy (Johan Fitzpatrick Burns); Lady Ratina M (Jack Cash); Mylestown Lad (James Derwin); RMA Silver Dollar (Hannah Thompson); Sligo Girl (Zara-Jane Kelly) and Top Twist (Lori Smith).

148cms Mullingar Equestrian Auctions Young Pony Series (1.10m) – 1, Quintaira DZ (Lauren Adams); 2, Agharanny Milly Mia (Zara-Jane Kelly); 3, Ballydoolagh Dreamer (Tia Smith); 4, Derrynoose Lady (Caitlin Rafferty); 5, Correlli Clover (Lauren Adams); 6, Cortober Brian (Elizabeth McMahon).

148cms Bob Sweeney Equine Future Champions Series (1.20m) – 1, Victory Day II (Zoe Keys); 2, Johnny Jinx (Ava Daly); 3, Ice Cold Sherry van de Zuuthoeve (Isabelle Boland); 4, Ardfry Skye (Isabelle Boland); 5, The Haymaker (Mary Fitzgerald); 6, Agharanny Milly Mia (Zara-Jane Kelly).

The Hive & ESI 148cms (1.20m) – 1, Corbeagh Legend (Lauren Murphy); 2, Sweet Renees Girl (Alexandra Kiernan); 3, Trendy Blue (Lucy McCann); 4, Romabout (Beth Thompson); 5, Fireman (Lily Tunney); 6, Candy Floss (Cora McFadden).


Level 3 Individual – 1, Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley); 2, Lackagh Castle (Kayleigh McCormack).

Level 3 Pairs – 1, Monkey (Anna McCarthy) and Brie (Sophie Robinson); 2, Ginger (Sonia Serramia-Ruiz) and Leith Pimpernell (Mairead Moynihan).

Level 2 Individual – 1, Faerietale Dreams (Karen Vicnecio); 2, Curraghleen Lass (Rachel Harney).

Level 2 Pairs – 1, Secret de Rochfort (Anne Guerin) and Clyde (Anne Marie Cullen); 2, Shelley (Norma Steele) and Silversprings Sia (Mary Creedon); 3, Kildarvan Cookie (Judith Perrin) and Grace (Shirley Squire); 4, Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters) and Miley (David Finn); 5, Belle (Rosemarie Bryson) and Brandy (Siobhan Wolf).

Non-championship Level 1 Pairs – 1, Crunchie (Breda Mulcahy) and Loch Oughter Boy (Ciara Mulcahy).

Grangeclare Cup (Best Overall Individual)

Level 3: Brie (Sophie Robinson).

Level 2: Secret de Rochfort (Anne Guerin).

Orla O’Reilly Memorial Cup (Best Newcomer) – Loch Oughter boy (Ciara Mulcahy).

Best POR Score – Crunchie (Breda Mulcahy) and Loch Oughter Boy (Ciara Mulcahy).

Best MA Score – Secret de Rochfort (Anne Guerin).

Best PTV Score – Faerietale Dreams )Karen Vicencio).

Kaspyr Kup (Affiliated Group Teams) – 1, West Cork A: Molly (Elaine Dolan Crowley), Leith Pimpernel (Mairead Moynihan), Kildarvan Cookie (Judith Perrin) and Faerietale Dreams (Karen Vicencio).; 2, West Cork C: Shelley (Norma Steele), Silversprings Sia (Mary Creedon), Miley (David Finn) and Bo (Caroline Looney); 3, West Cork B: Brandy (Siobhan Wolf), Ballyclough Nugget (Sheila Winters), Lucy Lucky (Richard Creedon) and Grace (Shirley Squire); 4, Leinster A: Brie (Sophie Robinson), Monkey (Anna McCarthy) and Rosie (Celia Taylor); 5, Midlands A: Lackagh Castle (Kayleigh McCormack), Curraghleen Lass (Rachel Harney), Piccolo Boy (Bobby Ovington) and Saoirse (Siobhan Ovington); 6, Leinster B: Belle (Rosemarie Bryson), Brackley Jack (Louise Parkes) and Kai (Karen Kiely).


RC P1, – 1, Honest Robber (Donna O’Neill) Kilotteran; 2, Brynithon Monarch (Michelle Crooks) Clonmel; 3, Macroney Sue (Jacqueline Kellett Bevan) Barrow Valley; 4, Ardlea Indian Lady (Martin Carroll) Ballycanew; 5, Touch of Class (Darren Rossiter) Carne; 6, Dexters Pride (Deirdre Deegan) Ballycanew.

RC P2, – 1, Carrigbeg Coco (Jade Douglas) Thomastown & District; 2, Stoneman Paddys Cavalier (Mia Ryan) Nuenna Farm; 3, Lisbarren Countess (Sandra Doody) Killcarrig; 4, Callowfeenish Silver (Julie Finnegan) Kilotteran; 5, Manhanagh Heather (Anne McGrath) Warrington; 6, Annaveigh Mac (Aisling Brett) Thomastown & District.

RC P3, – 1, Ballyadam Phillip (Fidelma Curran) Waterford; 2, IWHT Hero (Sinead Codd) Treegrove; 3, Mayflower Willow (Clare Butler) Kilotteran; 4, Flight of the Phoenix (Daniela Cardillo Corr) Thomastown & District; 5, Postal Code (Rachel O Connell) Thomastown & District; 6, Echo (Robert Walsh) The Rower.

RC N – 1, Taylor Slaney Cruise (Melanie Hammel) Carne; 2, Grangefort Heather (Helen Alexander) Waterford; 3, Kachemire Le Beau (Vicky Cloney) Carne; 4, Lilys Rose (Joy Ffrench) Carne; 5, Krafty Harry (Naomi Shairp) Thomastown & District; 6, June Flight (Marie Louise Nolan) Warrington.

Teams – 1, Thomastown and Dristrict: Krafty Harry (Naomi Shairp), Flight of the Phoenix (Daniela Cardillo Corr), Carrigbeg Coco (Jade Douglas) and Annaveigh Mac (Aisling Brett); 2, Kilotteran: Honest Robber (Donna O’Neill), Callowfeenish Silver (Julie Finnegan) and Mayflower Willow (Clare Butler); 3, Waterford: Grangefort Heather (Helen Alexander), Ballyadam Phillip (Fidelma Curran), Briska Lad (Jean Power) and Chillbhrid Furzeknock Iggy (Scott Pheasey); 4, Barrow Valley: Kildoon Trix (Valerie Crean), Macroney Sue (Jacqueline Kellett Bevan), Hot Jameson (Shona McGuire) and Foxy Furisto (Isobelle Gould); 5, Treegrove: Hawk Eye (Lyn Keane), IHWT Hero (Sinead Codd) and Casper the Friendly Cobb (Jessica Sinnott); 6, Carne: Kachemire Le Beau (Vicky Cloney), Lilys Rose (Joy Ffrench), Millfield Double Diamond (Susanna Boxwell) and Jasmine Van Ter Notelaere (Isabelle Rouviere).


Four-year-olds, Section A – 1 (and qualified), Carol Gee’s Ramiros Flight (Luca Bortolamei), b m by Ramiro B – Beyond Rubies, by Furistos Trump, bd Linda Hudson 278.6 points; 2 (and qualified), Michael Moran’s Hashtag Vogue (Owner), ch m by Future Trend – Silvanos Lift, by Silvano, bd James Nash 273.6; 3, Rhiannon Burton’s Newmarket Amy (Owner), b m by Newmarket Jewel – Sanforized, by Catcher In The Rye, bd Billy Daly 267.4; 4, Trevor Horgan’s Three Counties (Louise Codd), b/br g by Chinook Eclipse – Araglin Girl, by Brian Boru, bd Michael Lynch 266.5; 5, Paul Donovan’s Sportsfield Coolkeeran (Corentin Gautier), b g by Coolkeeran – Patricks Polly, by Nad Elshiba, bd Thomas Hutchinson 265.1; 6, Kelley Hutchinson’s HSH Tangerine (Owner), ch g by Hype – Ringwood Popsey, by Stormhill Miller, bd Peter Leonard 263.9; 24 competed.

Section B – 1 (and qualified), Catherine and Charles Harold Barry’s Ballyvonare Rascal (Sian Coleman), b g by Luidam – Cleo Ferro, by Creevagh Ferro, bred Charles Harold Barry 280.9 points; 2 (and qualified), Ciara Kinsella’s Tykillen Jazz (Owner), ch m by Orestus – Lisdara Impish Lady, by Master Imp, bd owner 279; 3 (and qualified), Rhiannon Burton’s Kilmanahan Ulysses (Owner), b g by Ulysses M2S – Kilmanahan Sally, by Olympic Lux, bd Paschal Connolly 277.1; 4, Leila Barker’s Boleybawn Oliva (Owner), b m by Jorado – C-Jumps, by Cicero Z Van Paemal, bd Ronan Rothwell 272.2; 5, Ciaran Moran’s Danny De Muze (Owner), b/br g by I’m Special de Muze – Gortglas Sparrow, by Ashfield Bobby Sparrow, bd Donal Callery 269.2; 6, Patrick Whelan’s Glensmill Kroon Girl (Owner), ch m by Kroongraaf – Silver Lily, by Ard Grandpa, bd Gillian Devenny Black 268.8; 25 competed.

Five-year-olds, Section A – 1 (and qualified), Declan O’Neill’s Ratheoin Quality Imp (Gwen Scott), b g by OBOS Quality 004 – Coonogues Dawn, by Master Imp, bred Sean Barron 319.1 points; 2 (and qualified), C. Overend’s CJO Kann Surprise (Steven Smith), b g by Kannan – CJO Curiosity Lux, by Lux Z, bd Trevor Overend 302.4; 3, Jane Tottenham’s Slieve Callan Gael (Niamh Tottenham), gr g by Tyson – GI Miz Minx, by Courage II, bd Niamh Tottenham 301.5; 4, Terry Johnston’s Strangford (Steven Smith), b g by Luidam – Templepatrick Dara Bay, by Cruisings Micky Finn, bd Dorothea Wilson 301.1; 5, Mary Mangan’s Balinagore Maximus (Sean Looney), b g KEC Maximum Joe – Ballinagore Blossom, by Castlecomer Q, bd Patrick McDonnell 294.8; 6, Fiona Sheridan’s Anarchist (Sian Coleman), gr g by Chillout – Triptic Dancer, by Ramiro B, bd Oliver Moran 293.8; 16 competed.

Section B – 1 (and qualified), Gareth O’Shea’s Tullaher Paudie (Steven Smith), b g by Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan – Tullaher Luxpat, by Lux Z, bd Charles Killeen 317.8 points; 2 (and qualified), Carrie Meehan’s MBF Silver Bridge (Nicola Ennis), b g by Silvano – My Rochestown Lady, by Beneficial, bd John P. Murphy 312.6; 3 (and qualified), Jinnie Webb and Louise Bloomer’s Shannondale Levi (Louise Bloomer), b g by Shannondale Sarco St Ghyvan – Shannondale Melodie, by Cavalier Royale, bd Mary Walsh 310.3; 4, Amanda Benson’s Sleehaun Dancer (Aubrey Chapman), gr g by Numero Cruise – Fionas Diamond, by Welcome Flagmount, bd John Clancy 302.9; 5, Orla Byrne’s Nightshift B (Daniel Alderson), b/br g by Stetter – Layla B, by Radolin, bd Andrea Etter 298.1; 6, Marie Dunne’s Kilnamac Kasu (Godfrey Gibbons), b g by Kannan – Kilnamac Sue, by Cruising, bd James J. Ryan 297.7; 15 competed.

Junior/Young Rider event horse (aged five to seven), Section A – 1 (and qualified), Edward Kelly’s Fanlehane Nariah (Matthew Kelly), 6yo ch m by Sibon W – Rossaguile Q, by Castlecomer Q, bd Michael Walton 301 points; 2 (and qualified), Georgina Magnier’s Ardeo Bumble Bounce (Harriet Dinnis), 6yo gr m by Moylough Bouncer – Portroe Girl, by Silvano, bd Michael Barrett 293; 3, Alison Berry’s Mountview Storyteller (Katie Crozier), 6yo ch g by Tullibards Bennys Legacy – Clonincurragh Artemis, by Charante, bd Thomas Hutchinson 291.5; 4, Janet Collins’s Waverley (Grace O’Donoghue), 7yo b m by Waveney – My Diamond Shannon, by Carrick Diamond Lad, bd Brendan Deegan 289; 5, Sophie Mullane’s Diamond Dreamer (Owner), 7yo ch m by Prescotts Diamond – Arkrobel, by Wizard King, bd Conor Hanly 288; 6, Alice Copithorne’s Fort Arthur Buddy (Holly-Ann Desmond), 6yo b g by Craigsteel – Glenlara Kitty, by Glenlara, bd Finbarr O’Sullivan 287; 11 competed.

Section B – 1 (and qualified), Declan Leahy’s Call On Cavalier (Conor Leahy), 5yo b g by Gallant Cavalier – Meggy Mac, by VDL Arkansas, bd David Cummins 292.5 points; 2 (and qualified), Susan McDonald’s Kinard Ryan (Ciara Dennigan), 6yo b g by Riyalan – Fastnet Cruise, by Cruising, bd Marian Russell 288.5; 3, Thomas Widger’s Grantstown Spirit (Jess Widger), 6yo b m by Spirit House – Granstown Diamond Lady, by Coevers Diamond Boy, bd owner 284.5; 4, Hans Kuehnle’s Tullibards You Make Me Feel (Godfrey Gibbons), 6yo gr g by Beowulf – Padraighs Pet, by Nazar, bd James Fenlon 282.5; 5, Linda Mullane’s Kilmurray Magnum (Sophie Mullane), 5yo dun g by Hector of Loughfadda – Duncan’s Dream, by Derrymore Duncan, bd John Giles 279; equal 6, Carol Gee’s Tyrella Enzo (Chloe Fagan), 6yo b g by Orestus – Ushi, by Flemmingh, bd Gerard Donohoe and Tommy Considine’s Creevaghstables Buttler Jones (Clarus Malyon, 5yo ch g by Butlers Cravat – Denmark Rosie, by Roselier, bd Dermot Condon 277.5; 10 competed.