BACTERIOLIT from Sobac is a litter and compost additive containing natural minerals and a selection of natural composted plants from which the complex of spontaneous micro-organisms from Marcel Mezy’s composts has been developed.

Bacteriolit speeds up the effective breakdown of straw at composting. It can be used in the stables to reduce Aspergillus and other pathogenic bacteria.

Aspergillus is a genus of fungi that includes a wide variety of species. Aspergillus are distributed worldwide and grows in soil, composts, foodstuffs, cereals and can be pathogenic to humans, plants and of course horses.

Aspergillus are part of the microbial ecosystem, often cohabiting with the genera Penicillium, Trichoderma, Glomus, Mortierella and many bacterial species.

These populations each find their place, and no species can develop massively to the detriment of the others (competition for space and for space and nutritive resources known as competitive exclusion) and therefore vitally not at the levels that can cause diseases in our horses.

The problem is when one genera takes over it can then cause health problems.

The use of Bacteriolit will restore a microbial balance and thus limit the development of pathogenic species in the stable.

There is a reduced smell and less ammonia in the stable. It can be spread in the stables anytime of year that horses are stabled. This time of year it can be used safely in the stables for foaling.