RACHAEL Blackmore and Emmet McNamara are two of the four jockeys who will discuss their very different career paths with The Irish Field editor Leo Powell in a webinar which will be broadcast at 5pm next Thursday.

Also taking part are rising star Gavin Ryan and newly licensed apprentice Eamonn Fitzgerald.

The discussion will explore the route that each of the four riders took into the racing industry, with a focus on the different type of training they received.

Paddy Ryan of HRI’s Work In Racing commented: “We get a lot of queries from people asking how they can become a jockey. So when we were invited to be part of Race Behind The Scenes we felt this would be a good story to tell.”

The jockey webinar will be of interest to more than aspiring riders. “It should be of interest to anyone who follows sport,” Paddy reckons. “Professional sportspeople always have fascinating stories and you can pick out nuggets which are relevant to you.”

Asked to summarise what Work In Racing does, Paddy said: “We are here to help people in the industry to upskill and develop themselves. We also work to attract the next generation into the industry. We get all sorts of questions and we give guidance and help in any way we can.”

The website has profiles of over 60 career choices in racing and Paddy says there are more videos on the way.

Web: workinracing.ie

Register: email your name and the word ‘confirm’ to workinracing@hri.ie