BRITISH racing’s new whip rules begin their ‘bedding-in’ period on Monday.

The controversial rule changes, which lower the number of permitted strokes and increase the penalties for jockeys in breach, were revised this week following concerns voiced by riders.

The British Horseracing Authority announced a series of alterations to the regulations in the summer, with jockeys only allowed to use the whip in the backhand position and serious breaches to result in disqualification from races and possible 28-day bans for riders in major races.

However, revisions were made to those plans after a number of riders registered their disquiet, with the implementation of the backhand-only rule proving a particularly unpopular prospect.

This week the BHA reversed its decision on banning the forehand position but overall permitted use of the whip in races will be reduced and penalties will be made much stiffer, with 40-day suspensions a possibility for the worst offences in class one and two races.

Top flat jockey Ryan Moore says he is pleased to see the BHA and riders agree on a revised outcome.

In a statement issued by the Professional Jockeys Association, he said: “We thank the many well-intentioned individuals who have spent time on this issue. Horseracing must be competitive, have integrity and aim for the highest possible standards from all participants.

“I welcome the fact that the backhand-only rule has been discarded and that the BHA will continue to discuss and work with us in the future and hope that British racing and other jurisdictions will work together to find long-term solutions.”

Monday (January 9th) sees the start of a four-week bedding-in period for jump jockeys. During this time riders in breach will be informed but not penalised. The new rules will come into full force for jump jockeys on February 6th.

Flat counterparts begin with a bedding-in period on February 27th, with full implementation from March 27th.