HORSE Racing Ireland has launched its new industry and education brand, ‘equuip’.

The new brand is being backed by a digital and print campaign entitled ‘people behind the moment’ which celebrates those working in racing and breeding and showcases pathways into careers within the industry. In addition, the campaign also includes labour market research among industry employers.

The genesis of ‘equuip’ came from an amalgam of the Latin word for horse, equus, and equip. By providing people with the tools they need, HRI believes it can equip them to have a strong sense of purpose and develop career paths within the thoroughbred industry in Ireland.

Equuip’s strategy is to focus on three key pillars:

  • 1. Attraction: work to attract new people to join the industry to showcasing the careers available
  • 2. Development & retention: develop people to deliver and grow their careers
  • 3. Sustain & retain: support employers to retain their people
  • Following on from the education and training survey conducted in November 2019, equuip will also conduct the second phase of industry research this month, focussing specifically on employers within the industry.

    Red C Research & Marketing have been appointed to conduct quantitative and qualitative research which will incorporate a bespoke online survey and a series of one-on-one in-depth interviews to capturing the views of employers and key stakeholders in the horse racing and breeding industry.

    The results will help shape and inform equuip’s strategy for 2021 and 2022.

    Carol Nolan, HRI’s director of people and industry education, said: “We are delighted to launch equuip at a key time for the industry, especially in light of all the challenges that everyone has faced in 2020.

    “We have been working in the area of industry education and training since 2016 and the focus for Equuip now and into the future is to ensure that employers and people employed in the industry have access to the right support frameworks to help people to run sustainable businesses and to put key supports in place for those working in racing and breeding.

    “We are proud of the industry we represent and the people working behind the scenes. The ‘people behind the moment’ campaign celebrates and recognises the breath of opportunities available in the racing and breeding industry.

    “The next phase of our research will focus on employers and employer supports and we welcome the opportunity to hear directly from employers on a range of topics through the survey.

    “Attracting people to join our industry, providing programmes to develop and grow those already employed in the industry and supporting employers to retain their people will be a key focus for equuip throughout 2021.”


    Twitter: @equuipHRI