THE hosting of next year’s Camphire International Horse Trials hangs in the balance after a difficulty with the fixture’s traditional dates emerged.

Camphire International Horse Trials & Country Fair’s organising committee have been informed by Eventing Ireland that the event will not be able to run on its usual July dates.

“If this decision stands, it means that Ireland will lose one of its most outstanding Three-Day Event venues, one that is much loved by riders and owners seeking experience for Irish horses as well as international competitors from around the world who have always flocked to this popular event,” stated a Camphire International press release released yesterday (Friday).

Camphire International H.T. was unfortunately cancelled for the last two successive years due to the global pandemic.

“Camphire takes place in a working farm. This means that the window for running the event is exceedingly small due to the farming practices at the venue. Organisers are restricted to that one weekend 28th – 31st July 2023. A great deal of planning and work is necessary to do the required work to build the course and provide the infrastructure on a greenfield site,” stated the Camphire press release.

Event Director, Paul Brady commented: “I actually cannot understand why the Board of Eventing Ireland are saying we are not allowed to run the event on this the only date we are able to do so. It seems so strange coming from the governing body of the sport at a time when we should surely all be pulling together to maximise opportunities for riders, horses and owners in our sport. I hope they will reconsider their decision.”

Eventing Ireland statement

Chairman of Eventing Ireland, Chris Hunt, said yesterday (Friday): “The Camphire event was not cancelled due to EI and fairness was shown to the venue which ran in place for both Camphire’s cancelled events.

“Eventing Ireland continues to support all events and tried to facilitate Camphire by offering them an alternative date which they refused. This date was then awarded to Lisgarvan House, a new addition to the international calendar.

“All internationals will be asked to apply for their desired dates for the year 2024 and we are always open to making new considerations and plans going forward,” he concluded.