LAUNCHED in 2017, Envy is fast becoming the product of choice for weed control in horse paddocks.

Containing the two potent active ingredients fluroxypyr and florasulam, it is powerful on a wide range of weeds including docks, common chickweed, mouse-eared chickweed, dandelions, buttercups, daisies and plantain.

“As Envy poses no risks with residues in manure, it is tailor-made for horse paddocks. Like other translocated herbicides, it also has the big advantage of not stunting grass growth,” states Chris Maughan, technical manager with Whelehan Crop Protection, the company that distributes Envy on the Irish market.

Chris stressed that best results from Envy are achieved by spraying before weeds reach the flowering stage.

Where weeds are beyond this stage, Chris advises to top the paddock when conditions are suitable and apply Envy after approximately three weeks regrowth, when the weeds have regrown to the ideal stage for an effective kill.

He advised that animals should be kept off sprayed pastures for seven days after Envy is applied.


Envy is also a perfect solution for weed-free hay and haylage on equine farms. Best results are achieved by spraying three to four weeks after fertiliser is applied, when weeds should be at the perfect stage for an effective kill.

“It is important to have an interval of at least three weeks between spraying and cutting the hay or haylage. This will ensure that the chemicals get fully down to the root system of the weeds, a vital factor in long-term control,” explains Chris.

Where hay or silage swards are too advanced for a pre-cutting application, Chris said the best option is to wait until the crop is cut and then apply Envy after three to four weeks regrowth.

Another important feature of Envy is its ability to work well in cooler conditions. This means that it can be applied up to the end of November, making it an ideal choice for weed control in pastures reseeded in the autumn.


Envy does not kill thistles, however Pastor Trio is a perfect option. It is powerful on thistles as well as a full range of weeds.

Where thistles are the only weed in the sward, the best option is the specialist herbicide Thistlex. As with Envy, both Pastor Trio and Thistlex have no effect on grass growth.


• Contains two powerful ingredients - fluroxypyr and florasulam.

• Effective against a wide range of weeds including docks, common chickweed, mouse-eared chickweed, dandelions, buttercups, daisies and plantain.

• Highly effective in silage and hay swards, permanent pasture and reseeded swards.

• Apply at two litres/ha in 200 litres of water in established pasture and at one litre/ha in reseeded pasture.

• Poses no risks with residues in manure, making it perfect for horse paddocks.

• Works well in cooler conditions and can be applied up to November 30th, making it an excellent product for autumn-sown reseeds.


In late spring/summer, sycamore seedlings can germinate in paddocks that have been tightly grazed over the winter and early spring.

Some sycamore seedlings contain the toxin hypoglycin A and ingestion can cause equine atypical myopathy in horses and ponies, a condition that can sometimes be fatal.

Grazon Pro can give good levels of control of sycamore seedlings. It should be used at 60mls in 10 litres of water when using a conventional knapsack sprayer, a quadbike sprayer or a suitable lance on a tractor mounted sprayer.

Horse owners need to be aware of grazing intervals, as they may need to leave longer than seven days if poisonous weeds are present. In the case of sycamore seedlings, keep animals off pasture until the weed has fully disappeared.


Grazon Pro is also an ideal, cost effective spot treatment for a wide range of weeds including docks, nettles, thistles, briars, gorse, buttercups and brushwood/scrub.

It contains two powerful root killing ingredients – triclopyr and clopyralid. Triclopyr in particular is highly effective on brushwood/scrub and nettles. No other product on the market for knapsack application has as high a concentration of this powerful chemical.

Grazon Pro is a perfect solution for weeds under fences or at ditches and walls. It can also be used as a spot treatment where weeds infestations across fields are 5% or less.