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HORSE SENSE: Applying a tail bandage
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HORSE SENSE: Applying a tail bandage
on 25 October 2017
Step-by-step guide to applying a tail bandage

Why would you use a tail bandage?

  • The tail bandage's main purpose is to protect the horse’s tail when travelling.
  • To keep the tail out of the way when clipping the horses coat.
  • The tail bandage can be used to shape the tail after washing or grooming prior to competing.
  • Step 1:

    Place the bandage under the tail, with a few inches of unrolled bandage out at an angle at the top of the tail and the remainder of the rolled bandage in your right hand.

    The piece of bandage that was left out at an angle at the top of the tail should now be folded down. The remainder of the rolded bandage should now be wrapped around to secure the top of the bandage.

    Continue bandaging down the tail until you reach the end of the dock, making sure your pressure is even throughout but not too tight.

    When you reach the end of the dock tie the bandage firmly, ensuring the fastener is no tighter than the bandage itself. Alway tie the bandage to the side of the tail as opposed to down the centre to prevent injury. The tape should lie flat as opposed to a knot on the side of the tail to prevent further injury.

    Gently bend the tail into its natural position using your arm to do so. Ensure you are standing to the side of your horse to prevent being kicked and remember safety is paramount at all times.

    Fold the last role of the bandage over to hide the tapes and give a neat, tidy finish.


    A tail bandage should never be left on for more than 4 hours at a time as if it is left on for longer than this time frame it can damage the tail by impairing the blood supply to the dock. If travelling for more than four hours opt to use a tail guard on your horse to prevent damaging the tail.

    Always ask an expereinced person for help if you are unsure when applying a tail bandage as if it is incorrectly applied it can have damaging effects on your horse and his tail!

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