CanDo is a gorgeous beauty range made by visually impaired young adults that fundraise to support their initiatives on their ChildVision campus in Drumcondra, Dublin.

CanDo soap is made from natural ingredients and they never use palm oil. It is full of good stuff like coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and they fragrance it with 100% essential oils, never with chemical fragrances. They are lovingly made by hand from start to finish using a cold process method, taking four weeks to cure and then bevelled and packaged ready for their new home.

The young people who make CanDo soaps design, pour and wrap their sumptuous skincare offerings all from their HQ in the capital, and you won’t find nicer natural beauty. The team are producing everyday beauty essentials like body oil, beard balm, lip balm and hand and foot cream alongside their marvellous selection of gorgeous soaps.

Think of Irish rose and heather, zesty bergamot and relaxing lavender, aloe vera, honey and oatmeal. For anyone with a pooch, the Doggie Soap has a nose-friendly scent of lavender and tea tree oils in a base of coconut oil which will care for their skin and make their coat nice and shiny.

If you want to lead a cleaner, greener life while still indulging in nourishing beauty, here’s where you need to go to buy it. The prices are seriously reasonable too. The proceeds of what you purchase go back to fund these entrepreneurial young adults and any future initiatives they come up with.

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