A log cabin from Timber Living is made with sustainable kiln-dried Spruce from Norway and built with care and attention by experienced craftsmen. You only have to take a look at the Timber Living website to get a picture of just how warm and cosy their cabins can be.

A Timber Living cabin can go up in as quick as two weeks but will last a lifetime if maintained and cared for, just as you would with any domestic or commercial building.

Timber Living cabins come with a choice of timber or PVC doors and have an excellent U-value (thermal performance) of 0.22 and are the perfect solution for warm, snug accommodation for offices on studs or farms.

A ready to live in two-bedroom cabin costs around €60,000 and for a three bedroom it’s €85-90,000.

If you want to have a look at a cabin they are on show in three showrooms in Co Carlow, Co Cork and Co Roscommon.

You can call 05991 81039 before you travel and a friendly advisor will give you all the information you need.