EASYFIX provides a complete solution for many of the world’s leading horse breeders, owners, riders and trainers. The rubber they use is highly recyclable and their long-lasting stable matting reduces the amount of shavings required. Rubber matting solutions are designed for stables, horse walkers, parade rings, wash areas, walkways and courtyards.

Enhancing Safety, Comfort and Biosecurity: Diamond Deluxe Stable Matting System

Easyfix launched a newly designed rubber matting system in early 2022. The seamless design is not only bio secure, hygienic and extremely comfortable, but it also provides the ideal environment for your horse ensuring maximum grip whilst remaining extremely easy to sweep and clean. This superbly designed mat offers the best of both worlds.

Benefits include:

  • Prevention of injury: when combined with our wall matting system, the Diamond Deluxe prevents cuts, grazes and capped hocks.
  • Aids rest and recovery: the matting system creates an optimum environment for rest and recovery.
  • Hygienic and bio secure: the rubber mats are bonded to create a fully sealed, hygienic and non-porous floor. The glue used ensures that the floor will not lift or move.