FOR Wexford trainer Paul Nolan, using Target Fertilisers has increased his farm’s efficiency and yield, while also increasing the quality of his grassland. Paul accredits this to identifying an applicable fertiliser programme.

With over 50 horses in training at Toberona Stables, producing consistent yield and quality haylage each year is very important to Nolan \ Healy Racing

“In my business, producing consistent yield and quality haylage each year is essential, and that’s my target,” said Paul, whose training facilities are just outside Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, with over 50 horses in training.

The fertiliser plan, developed to achieve high-quality, high-yielding haylage for his horses was developed using a special blend of 15-3-20 from Target Fertilisers, with increased potash and 3% sulphur.

Paul was advised that although there may be adequate amounts of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in a grass crop, sulphur deficiency can lead to a decrease in the quantity and quality of the grass crop produced. As a result, the inclusion of sulphur in grass blends is vital.

Through the development of the special blend, the dry matter of the haylage increased and has allowed Paul to make haylage in a much shorter window of time. Because of the lower rate of nitrogen applied on the land, the grass requires less wilting time and as a result, this has reduced the time pressure on Paul and his team.

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