OVER the Christmas holidays, breeders can look back at a hugely successful year for Irish-breds and plan ahead for a fast-approaching breeding season.

Choosing stallions can be time-consuming, so imagine if there was a one-stop shop with a price range for everyone, combined with friendly, unbiased advice and a wealth of first-hand knowledge of the best crosses?

That’s what The Stallion Shop, a new business set up by the Kylemore Stud team, now offers.

Ivor and Olive Broderick are renowned both here and in Europe for their work ethic and reliability, having built up a long-lasting, honest reputation with customers and contacts, from grassroots breeders to top international studs.

In fact, the Galway couple have spent part of the winter travelling throughout Holland, Belgium and Germany, visiting the van de Lageweg and Nijhof families and Paul Schockemöehle, amongst many. “The purpose was to see all their stallions in the flesh, meet the owners and advance the reputation of our Irish breeders,” Olive said.

That close working relationship is another advantage in obtaining fresh and frozen semen orders for popular stallions.

“We already supply semen at Kylemore for many stallions from different studs. One of the main reasons we’re setting up The Stallion Shop is to expand this service and as dedicated agents for Ireland, get priority service.

“With so many top stallions getting booked out daily, The Stallion Shop is able to place your order with our partner studs as early as 5am if necessary. Due to the existing working relationship and trust on payment, our order is prioritised where the stallion is very busy.

“Frozen semen backup, if you need it, is always available, either at Kylemore, or at your own vet/stable with same day delivery,” continued Olive.

Next generation

Another reason for the Broderick’s upscaling their already proven and reliable service, as recommended by several leading breeders, is their daughter Chloe’s interest in the business. Just home for Christmas from Wrocklaw University, Chloe will be conferred with her Veterinary Medicine doctorate next Spring. The next generation Broderick’s steadfast passion for the business is another advantage for the family’s latest business venture.

“Chloe has grown up around horses and breeding. She has an avid interest in equine reproduction and sport horse breeding.

“Her interest in show jumping and eventing and eye for talent was not a surprise, having seen how many top competition horses were bred and sourced by Ivor. She has a keen interest in advanced reproductive techniques and has upskilled over the last five years, so that she’s in a unique position to bring her knowledge and talent to the business for the benefit of clients.”

Chloe’s plan is to be part of the Kylemore team during the breeding season and travel during the off-season, to enhance her knowledge from top equine veterinary clinics around the world.

One more important team member is Sarah O’Grady, The Stallion Shop’s Accounts & Office Administrator. With over 18 years experience in account management and customer service in multinational companies, having both a dedicated office and friendly, approachable team at the other end of a phone call is a major asset.

The Brodericks are always available to give advice and guidance on stallion choices, often requesting that a video or photo video of an A.I. customer’s mare be sent so they can then advise on the best match.

Special terms

With so many stallions on offer nowadays, it is sometimes very difficult to find what stallion is the right choice for your breeding programme. The Stallion Shop is in a unique position having Ivor and Olive on hand to offer guidance from a team that have an in-depth knowledge of the European breeding industry.

“Ivor’s advice to breeders over the years has seen many of his clients breed sport horses up to, and including, four- and five-star level and so he has walked the walk!”

Both are frequent visitors to the young stallion selections on the continent and keep a close eye on what’s what in emerging talent, both in sport and breeding.

Another advantage, again based on their solid reputation from hands-on decades in the business, is their ability to not only streamline the sometimes complicated business of A.I orders but to even offer special terms.

“We’re very familiar with all the Ts & Cs of international studs, and actually The Stallion Shop can offer the best terms over and above the international studs themselves. For instance, with VDL, The Stallion Shop give a LFG [live foal guarantee].

“We will store semen at Kylemore and various vet clinics around the country, north and south. As Kylemore is an EU-approved centre, we are operating with complete traceability, and all semen we supply is supplied with health papers, so you know there is no risk to your mare.”

The Stallion Shop’s new website went live this week and follow its new Facebook and Instagram pages for exciting launch offers and future updates.

Contact The Stallion Shop team:

Olive: (086) 376 0619

email: olive@thestallionshop.ie

Ivor: (086) 816 9004

Sarah: (086) 960 1407

email: office@thestallionshop.ie

Website: www.thestallionshop.ie

Kylemore customers and contacts

“The VDL Stud are friends with Olive and Ivor since 1999, so we are getting older together!

“We work together with 100% trust in each other. There was never any contracts, as the Brodericks are very honest business people.

“We are proud to see the results of the VDL stallions in Ireland. Every year it’s getting more and more successful because Ivor and Olive understand how to use our stallions with the Irish mares, so now we see many successful sports horses from our work together. Thanks to the Irish breeders, we are always grateful to them for supporting us too. We wish them every success with The Stallion Shop.”

Wiebe Yde van de Lageweg, VDL Stud.

“I’ve been a customer at Kylemore stud for over 20 years. Olive and Ivor have consistently provided me with a top-class service and 100% success rate in producing foals the following year.

“In those 20 years, the Broderick’s have helped me to move with the times and advise me on the mares I required to meet the needs of the ever-changing sport horse industry breeding.

“Kylemore Stud has always been at the end of the phone to discuss my breeding plans and for general breeding support.”

Tom Conlon, Lisbrogan Horses.

“Well, I’m not sure how long I’m going up to Ivor and Olive but it’s a long time for sure. We wish them well in their new business, it’s great to have so many stallions available for breeders. Ivor is very knowledgeable about the stallions, Olive is brilliant with the mares and we’re delighted to see Chloe becoming involved now too. We’ve had very good success in our breeding programme with their help.

“They are very honest and hardworking and no doubt lots more champions will be bred with their help!”

CSF’s Patrick Connolly, breeder of top-ranked ISH showjumper, James Kann Cruz.

“I have been dealing with Olive and Ivor for more than 20 years and it has always been a pleasure. Their knowledge on stallions and attention to every mare is second to none. I’ve had great success over the years by taking their advice to breed some top-price foals and a five-star horse. A very trustworthy team.”

Alan O’Brien, breeder of Cooley Quicksilver, ranked 13th in the 2022 WBFSH rankings.

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