MARK Cadam Ltd use specialist equipment known as “combination units” for the surfacing or renewing of laneways. The process allows for the application of bitumen emulsion and chippings to be applied simultaneously to varying widths. This results in a single pass process that is more economical, safer and durable with the elimination of joints in the surface.

Road recycling

Road recycling and surface dressing is recommended for roadways that have failed due to:

  • Excessive rutting
  • Excessive cracking
  • Excessive potholing
  • Multiple surface failure
  • Road recycling is the term used for recovering and re-using material from the existing pavement and has become an increasingly popular choice of road maintenance and rehabilitation for the local and regional road network throughout Ireland.

    This process pulverises or mills the existing surface material to the required depth and produces a material with the same grading specification as Clause 804 in the Specification for Highway Works guidelines. The recycling machine has the capacity to stabilise the material with the addition of a bitumen emulsion resulting in a structurally rehabilitated layer that is flexible and fatigue resistant.

    Once the road is milled, the in-situ material is regraded to the required levels and compacted by vibrating rollers. This material is then sealed by the application of surface dressing to provide the user with a finished road surface.

    The benefits of the road recycling process include:

  • Reduction in raw materials - saving in the amount of aggregate imported by utilising the existing pavement materials.
  • Reduced accommodation works - fewer requirements to raise entrances, kerbs and road verges compared to traditional overlays.
  • Reduced vehicle movements - reduction in the numbers of construction traffic on the surrounding roads.
  • For the construction of new roadways, we recommend the laying of Clause 804 or Clause 806 with a road paver to ensure the optimum rideability. Once the material is laid and compacted to the required level this is then sealed with a double surface dressing of bitumen emulsion and chipping to provide the finished surface.

    Mark Cadam Ltd can provide all of the options for surfacing or renewal of existing laneways as mentioned above.

    Mark Cadam Ltd. also provides a service to collect and dispose of all forms of waste from stud farms.

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