THERE’S been a noticeable increase in the yellow hue of grazing fields this year. It appears that many weeds including daisies, buttercups, thistles, docks are proving a particular challenge in horse pastures this year.

Not only unpalatable to our equine friends, even a low infestation of these weeds can impact upon the grass crop. Late spring and early summer is the optimum time to kill weeds as they are actively growing, but it’s best to catch them before they flower out. Don’t lose hope if your weeds are in full bloom however, there are ways and means in our guide below to combat the likes of buttercups and daisies if they have already flowered.

Key points to remember

  • If weeds such as buttercups are flowering out or have become too strong, top them and spray 2-3 weeks later when they are leafy again.
  • Spray weeds when they are green and leafy. Docks when about 8-10 inches high or across; thistles when about 10-12 inches high.
  • Keep animals off for as long as is recommended on each individual weed killer packaging.
  • In some situations, follow up spraying will be needed. There can be shading of weeds where numbers are high and also where heavy infestation of weeds such as docks are present.
  • Quick guide to weed killer

    Translocated herbicide is the most effective long-term control of weeds in grassland. Weed killers such as Envy, DoxstarPro, PastorTrio and GrazonPro are all formulated to ensure that the chemicals are translocated right down to the root of the structure of the target weeds and is essential for an effective kill.

    What to use:

  • Where there is a range of weeds such as buttercups, dandelions, plantains, chickweed and docks, Envy is product to use.
  • Where thistles are present with the above weeds use PastorTrio.
  • DoxstarPro is ideal for docks and dandelions.
  • GrazonPro is perfect for spot spraying troublesome weeds around ditches, walls fences and where weed infestation is low and is particularly good to kill nettles but should be applied before they flower.