Stable staff rewarded for best turned out horses
Irish Field Contributor
Seven yards received prizes recently from the Irish Thoroughbred Welfare Council
6 January 2023 Veterinary
Unintended effects of what we consume
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD takes an unflinching look at how what we do may have a negative resonance on equines and other animals
9 December 2022 Veterinary
"We all need to do better!"
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD reports from the Irish Equine Veterinary Association conference for equine vets in Kilkenny
Donkey welfare hit hard by cost of living crisis
The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland forecasts an unprecedented winter, and appeals for public support
25 November 2022 Miscellaneous
Thoroughbred welfare in action
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD reflects on the recently published Horse Racing Ireland Horse Welfare Policy
14 October 2022 Stable management
Bad breathers – what role for tongue-ties?
If racehorses can’t breathe properly, how can we possibly expect them to run and jump at speed? Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD explores the issue
16 September 2022 Veterinary
The welfare worry
With the current economic climate looking decidedly tricky, how might it impact our horses?
26 August 2022 Veterinary
The horse-human partnership
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD considers equestrian sport and social license
10 June 2022 Veterinary
British racing takes horses out of food chain
Liz O'Flynn takes a closer look at the pros and cons of the BHA's new rule
25 February 2022 Racing News
Stable staff share €9,000 in best-turned-out league
Horse Racing Ireland's Irish Thoroughbred Welfare Council created the league to highlight the high standards of care racehorses received
25 February 2022 Racing News
Sir Mark Todd given interim suspension by BHA
The gold medal-winning eventer-turned-trainer will not be allowed to saddle runners while a BHA investigation into a video posted on social media takes place
18 February 2022 Racing News