Horse Care
Drug regulation and reputational risk
Helen Sharp
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD tackles the subject of drug regulation and detection and the veterinary role within it
23 February 2024 Veterinary
Screening for chips – are they of clinical relevance?
Horse Sense asked Joe Collins to tackle the topic of chips in pre-purchase examinations
10 November 2023 Veterinary
When the weather outside is frightful
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD gives guidance on best practice for keeping your horses well this winter
Veterinary Voice What does three-day eventing welfare look like?
Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD takes a closer look at how we treat our animal athletes during FEI three day eventing competitions
22 September 2023 Veterinary
The risks of equine joint injections
Horse Sense asked Dr Joe Collins MVB PhD to share the risks involved in equine joint injections
18 August 2023 Veterinary