NEWS: New HRI grant for PTP insurance 'welcome'
Mark Boylan
An extra €100,000 has been allocated to helping hunts with insurance though the sector is still facing much higher premiums than in the past
23 December 2023 Point-to-Point
EOGHÁIN WARD: Points throw up chasing stars
The year has produced many top level successes to reflect on while the insurance issue is temporarily solved
2 October 2023 Point-to-Point
EOGHÁIN WARD: Insurance Scheme to provide a more solid footing
Many of the issues on insurance cover have been addressed as the season kicks off in Castletown-Geoghegan
A clear path forward for insurance
James E. Norton, Communications and Strategic Advisor of the Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association shares the latest insurance update
8 September 2023 Miscellaneous