NEWS: Department offers fodder support to horse owners
Mark Costello
The prolonged spell of wet weather has left many farmers - and horse owners - running low on feed
19 January 2024 Farm management
Copper oil preservative approved for horse fencing in lieu of banned creosote
Copper oil treated post and rail fencing is now the recommended treatment for horse post and rail fencing.
3 December 2023 Racing News
Department launches Equine Census 2023
Any person who kept equines on their premises last Thursday night (November 30th) is required to submit a completed census return
Minister: 'Racing is not funded by betting tax'
The Minister for Agriculture has confirmed that betting tax revenues are not ringfenced for Irish racing
24 November 2023 Racing News
NEWS: TAMS grants still not paid
Breeders fear the Department's delay in paying out will lead to increased costs
22 October 2023 Racing News