UNUSUALLY, but unavoidably, Paul Nolan was the sole cross-country commentator last Saturday at Tyrella where it wasn’t as warm as the previous weekend but it was a dry, bright day which resulted in some stunning photographs and videos of this Northern Region event.

Regional co-ordinator Dora Beacom had done her usual efficient job in providing Paul with plenty of notes re sponsors, etc. to aid his commentary. Among them was news of further items being donated for a fundraising raffle in aid of the air ambulance service and details regarding the day’s demonstration of the locally developed ‘Safe Falls’ system.

Disappointingly, one announcement concerned litter, a topic that is no doubt raised at other venues around the country. People were reminded to take their litter home and not to muck out lorries or trailers in the parking areas. “There is an ‘on the spot’ fine of £50 for anyone found dropping litter of any kind and our ‘Litter Police’ will be on duty today!” warned Dora through Paul.

There is no event in the Northern Region this weekend but Lightsource BP Tyrella (3) takes place on Easter Saturday next, April 16th, when, hopefully there will have been sufficient demand to run a rare EI120 class.